Silver necklace with gold swastika pendant

Place Oceania: Australia
Accession Number REL/02488
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Gold, Silver
Maker Unknown
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Double stranded silver chain with a circular gold pendant. In the centre of the pendant is a lucky swastika of fylfot.

History / Summary

The origin of this item is unknown. It was donated along with items relating to the services of Quinton Hunter and John Swayne, who both served in the First World War. It is unknown if one of them collected the item during the war or if it was acquired at an earlier or later date. Before the rise of Nazism the swastika or fylfot, derived from India, was a popular symbol of good luck in western nations and it was not uncommon to wear swastika jewelry for good luck, or to use the symbol on greeting cards and other items. Quinton Hunter was killed in action on 7 May 1917 whilst serving with 9 Battalion. John Swayne served with 5 Light Horse Regiment and survived the war.

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