ID numberREL/15711.001
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleAir Raid Precaution Personnel Badge : Engineer
Object typeBadge
MakerC. Bentley Ltd
Place madeAustralia
Date made1941-1945
Physical description
  • Brass
  • Enamel
  • Silver-plated metal
DescriptionSilver plated shield-shaped lapel badge surmounted by the King's crown. Immediately below the crown is the word "VICTORIA" with red enamel fill, above a central panel with "ARP" in large letters on a red enamelled background, under which is "ENGINEER" in smaller letters with blue enamel fill. The rear of the badge is fitted with a pair of suspension loops with brass holders. Cast into the rear are the words "ISSUED BY STATE ENERGENCY COUNCIL" and "BENTLEY", while the serial number 65 has been impressed below the suspension loops.
SummaryAir Raid Precaution label badge issued by the State Emergency Council of Victoria, and worn by ARP members with engineering responsibilities.