Kilt : Western Australian Highlanders

Unit Western Australian Military Forces
Place Oceania: Australia, Western Australia
Accession Number REL/18362.002
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Uniform
Physical description Brass, Cotton, Leather, Wool twill
Maker Unknown
Date made c 1903
Conflict Period 1900-1909
Australian Colonial Forces, 1854-1900

Cameron of Erracht pattern tartan kilt of wool twill in colours of black, green, yellow and scarlet. Kilt pleats are handstitched. Waist edge is bound with lime green wool tape machine stitiched to upper edge of tartan. There are also two hanging tabs of the same tape at the back waist. Upper section of kilt appears to have been originally lined with cream cotton twill upon which is a purple ink stamp bearing a Victorian crown with 'W.A' beneath. The back waist and front sections of the lining are of a more recently dyed calico. Black chrome dyed leather straps stitched to each outside edge of kilt at waist. Leather straps may not be original as there are lines of previous stitching on the original lining and outer wool. Pleated back section of kilt has two brass buckles fitted through tartan wool tabs. Lower edge of kilt is a selvedge.

History / Summary

Provisional approval for the formation of a Highland Volunteer Corps in Western Australia was given just prior to Ferderation but sufficient numbers to form the required number of companies may not have occured until 1903. The uniform the Western Australian Highlanders chose to adopt was that of the Cameron Highlanders complete with kilt.