ID numberREL/18395.001
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleService dress tunic : 1st Battalion, Tasmanian Infantry Regiment
Object typeUniform
Date madec 1897-1901
Physical description
  • Cotton
  • Nickel-plated brass
  • Superfine wool
  • Wool serge
  • Wool worsted
DescriptionScarlet superfine tunic with white superfine stand collar decorated with opposing nickel-plated lion passant collar badges. Scarlet serge shoulder straps are trimmed with flat white worsted wool braid and each has a whitemetal '1' and a small Tasmanian Defence Forces button made by 'HOBSON & SONS LONDON'. Plain cuffs are decorated with a crowsfoot in white worsted braid. Above this on the right sleeve is a diamond shaped efficiency badge in scarlet superfine with cream embroidered edge. Above the outer edges of this badge are two embroidered cream stars also awarded for efficient service. Five large nickel-plated Tasmanian Defence Forces buttons at the front and two smaller buttons on each of the three-pointed flaps of the breast patch pockets. Fronts are squared in front and back of tunic is plain. Brass belt hook at left waist. Tunic and collar fully lined with khaki wool and cotton sateen mixture with hanging tab at neck. Neck fastens with two ferrous metal hooks and eyes. Sleeves lined with white and red striped cotton twill.
SummaryScarlet infantry tunic worn with dark blue trousers with narrow red side stripes. In 1897 the Tasmanian infantry was reorganised so that the two Rifle Regiments, the Tasmanian Rifle Regiment from the South and the Launceston Rifle Regiment from the North, plus the Auxiliary Force, joined to form one regiment of three battalions. They were collectively titled the Tasmanian Infantry Regiment. The 1st Battalion was located in Hobart with detachments in the southern and western parts of Tasmania.
Service dress trousers : 1st Battalion, Tasmanian Infantry Regiment
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Other Ranks 1888 Pattern (Mark I) Valise Equipment braces and straps : 1st Battalion, Tasmanian Infantry Regiment