M72  (L1A2F1) Rocket Launcher
ID numberREL22751
Collection typeTechnology
TitleM72 (L1A2F1) Rocket Launcher
Object typeRocket Launcher
Place madeUnited States of America
Date made1967
Physical description
  • Aluminium
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
DescriptionThe launcher consists of a khaki pvc tube with an encased trigger mechanism and pop up rear and front sights mounted on the tube. An aluminium inner tube contained the missile.
SummaryAn example of a Vietnam War munitions component from the collection of munitions originally held by the Maribyrnong Explosives Factory in Victoria. It is a 66 mm HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) light anti armour weapon rocket launcher. Australian designation L1A2 F1 LAW. This weapon was used in Vietnam by Australian and US forces, mainly for bunkerbusting. This launcher was designed to be a one man portable, throw away item to replace the M20 'Super Bazooka', the launcher being discarded after firing. When ready for firing, the launcher is placed on the firer's shoulder, the sights are lined up and the safety handle pushed forward to the 'release' position. The rocket is fin stabilized in flight and is detonated by a electric piezo switch.