Naval officers full dress coat : Lieutenant G A Hill, Royal Naval Reserve

Collection ID REL30430.002
Collection type Heraldry
Title Naval officers full dress coat : Lieutenant G A Hill, Royal Naval Reserve
Object type Uniform
Maker Unknown

Naval officers full dress coat. The double breasted blue superfine wool coat has a double row of eight buttons, and skirt tails lined with white kerseymere. The tails have concealed inset pockets of white cotton. There is a loose vertical pleat down the outside of each skirt tail with a gilt button at the waist and the bottom of the skirt. The top of each skirt has pointed blue flaps edged with gold lace, with three buttons underneath them.

The body of the coat is lined with ribbed white rayon (a later addition over the disintegrating original white silk), as well as plain quilted white silk over the breast and under the arms of the coat. The inside waist is reinforced with a band of leather that is secured with a gilded brass clasp. The side seams on the outside waist have gilded brass hooks to secure a sword belt.

The white cloth stand collar, lined with black silk, is edged with gold lace and fastened with two hooks. Each sleeve has 'wavy' gold braid rank insignia for a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve. The cuffs are slashed with white pointed cloth with three buttons, and edged with gold lace. All buttons on the coat are gilded brass and bear the crown, anchor and 'RNR' insignia of an officer of the Royal Naval Reserve.