ID number REL32378
Title Interfet T-shirt : Lieutenant D J Perryman, RAN
Collection Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Maker Odd Clothing (Maker)
Place made Australia: New South Wales
Date made c 1999-2000
Physical description Cotton


Light brown cotton T-shirt printed in black and red. The front bears the logo for the United Nations with 'EAST TIMOR 99/00' beneath it over the right breast and, and over the elft breast, the INTERFET logo with 'INTERFET' above and 'OP STABILISE' beneath it. On the back of the shirt is a two panel red and black cartoon showing two people shooting at a helicopter superimposed by a red 'X' and two people waving to a helicopter superimposed with a red tick. Above and below the cartoons, in English and Bahasa Malaya a multilingual notice advises 'DON'T SHOOT AT INTERFET HELICOPTERS OR PERSONNEL/ INTERFET IS HERE TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF EAST TIMOR/ THERE'S A LOT OF LIVE AMMO AROUND HERE AND WE DON'T WANT ANYONE GOING BERKO'. There is a manufacturer's label and a care instruction lable inside the back neck.


T-shirt purchased by Lieutenant Duncan John Perryman, RAN, while serving in East Timor as part of the International Force East Timor (INTERFET) in 1999-2000. On 15 September 1999 the UN Security Council authorised a multi-national peace enforcement mission in East Timor, to restore peace and security and to facilitate humanitarian relief efforts.

7000 troops led by Australia secured East Timor, with the exception of the Oecusse enclave, which was secured in mid October 1999. International relief efforts were put in place and displaced people were permitted to return to their communities. Indonesian forces were withdrawn from East Timor. On 20 October 1999 the Indonesian Parliament resolved to formally ratify East Timor's separation from Indonesia allowing the UN Security Council to approve the establishment of a UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET).