Trench art ash tray with match box holder : Major C Jensen
ID numberREL34449
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleTrench art ash tray with match box holder : Major C Jensen
Object typeHeraldry
Date madec 1942
Physical description
  • Brass
  • Tin
DescriptionTrench art ashtray, made from the base of a German 88mm shell case. A tin match box holder has been attached to the fuse stem. Engraved around the edge of the case is: 'TO MAJ. C. JENSEN IN MEMO OF EL ALAMEIN FROM LT. GEN. SIR L. MORSHEAD'. Stamped on the base is, '30 P150 1938 6347'. Above the last figure is an apparent inspector's mark, 'WaA37'4' surmounted by a styalised winged figure.
SummaryThe story of this ashtray is unknown, as is the identity of Major C Jensen. Lieutenant General Sir Leslie Morshead won fame as the defender of Tobruk during the Second World War, and is among the most renowned Australian divisional commanders of that war. His success at Tobruk was followed by promotion to lieutenant general, and command of the AIF in the Middle East. He led the 9th Division through the battle of El Alamein in 1942, where its contribution was considered vital to the victory.