ID numberREL35908
Collection typeTechnology
TitleLamp signalling daylight short range projector Mk II
Object typeCommunications equipment
MakerStromberg Carlson
Place madeUnited States of America
Date made1942
Physical descriptionAluminium; Bakelite; Canvas; Glass; Metal; Rubber
DescriptionRectangular aluminum case painted olive green. Attached to the sides of the case by two horizontal sling loops is a long broad webbing sling with brass fittings. The black painted interior of the box is divided into two sections and is accessed via two top mounted lids which are hinged on the internal divide, one lid is larger than the other. Covering the lid hinge is a strip of cream coloured canvas and is reinforced with two thin bands of brass. Mounted on the smaller of the two lids is a rectangular brass identification plate with the inscription, 'LAMP SIGNALLING DAYLIGHT SHORT RANGE CASE MK I AUST.' and the stamped serial number, '27158'. Mounted to the inside of the larger lid is a Morse key pad. Stored in this compartment is a metal signalling lamp painted olive green with the identification plate which reads, 'LAMP SIGNALLING DAYLIGHT SHORT RANGE PROJECTOR MK II', 'STROMBERG CARLSON, SERIAL NO. 1597A, 1942'. Attached to the lamp is a long rubber coated power cable with a two prong socket. Also stored in this compartment are three short metal rods with a spiral thread on one end which screw together to form a stand for the lamp. In the smaller compartment is a small tubular lamp with a thick hemispherical glass lens with a long rubber coated power cable with a two prong socket. Also stored in this compartment are two metal spares boxes painted black. One contains small brass and copper terminal fittings. The larger of the two has the yellow painted lettering, 'LAMPS SIGNALLING DAYLIGHT BOX SPARE PARTS MK II', 'PMG 1942'. It contains four small light globes, a wire screwdriver, a male and a female terminal plugs.
SummaryUsed to transmit Morse messages and signals during daylight over short distances.