Pair of boots : Lance Corporal T Loch, 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment (3CER

Collection ID REL41434
Collection type Heraldry
Title Pair of boots : Lance Corporal T Loch, 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment (3CER
Object type Uniform
Maker Original S.W.A.T.

Pair of coyote brown coloured 'ORIGINAL S.W.A.T.' brand size 11 'Classic 9' suede boots with laces cut. Ten pairs of vertically arranged brown metal eyelets are fitted to each boot. The remnants of tan 'coyote brown' coloured parachute chord type laces are still attached to the boots through these metal eyelets. Each eyelet has embossed 'ORIGINAL SWAT' around the edge. On the inside upper part of the tongue of both boots is sewn a small white manufacturer's label. On this in black ink is printed 'OZ19/160/C1 AUS 11 USA 12'. Below this is 'LEATHER & SYNTHETIC UPPER SYNTHETIC QUARTER LINING RUBBER OUTSOLE. ART#1150 COY/AUS MADE IN CHINA'. The upper exterior of the tongue on each boot has an olive green and black rectangular shaped manufacturers logo with 'ORIGINAL S.W.A.T. (R)'. The upper heel of each boot has a small loop for assisting the wearer in putting on and removing each boot.

The left boot has remnants of splattered dried blood on the heel, side and sole of the boot. The right boot has similiar splashes of died blood on the sole upper heel and right side. There is no inner sole fitted to either the left or right boot. The sole of each boot features the manufacturers logo in the arch surrounded by the high grip rubber tread.