ID numberRELAWM00284.002
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleMexican dollar : Captain J C T Glossop, HMAS Sydney
Object typeHeraldry
Place madeMexico
Date made1885
DescriptionSilver Mexican dollar. The obverse shows an eagle surrounded by a wreath and the words 'REPUBLICA MEXICANA'. The reverse of the coin shows a liberty cap surrounded by stylised sun rays. Treasury details are located around the rim.
SummaryCoin collected by Captain John C T Glossop, captain of HMAS Sydney during the First World War. 6429 silver Mexican dollars were recovered from the German cruiser SMS Emden after she was sunk by the Sydney off Cocos Island on 9 November 1914. In 1918 1000 coins were mounted by the Sydney jeweller W Kerr and presented by Glossop to the officers and men of the Sydney who were on board at the time of the engagement. Others were given to the staff on Cocos Island as well as the Admiralty, the Australian War Museum and other approved museums. The remainder were sold to the public. Of the remaining unmounted coins 653 were distributed by the Department of Navy, 343 were sold to the public and 4433 were melted down and the money used by the RAN Relief fund.