ID numberRELAWM00771.001
Collection typeTechnology
TitleMaxim MG08/15 Light Machine Gun : Sergeant S R McDougall VC, 47 Battalion, AIF
Object typeFirearm
Place madeGermany
Date made1917
Physical descriptionMetal
DescriptionThe MG 08/15 Maxim machine gun is a short recoil operated, water cooled, full automatic, belt fed weapon. The operating system uses a two part toggle lock connected by a hinge which is located between the breech block and a barrel extension. The entire barrel extension and breech block recoil inside receiver against the tension of a spring located under the separate cover outside of the left receiver wall. The cocking handle is located on the rear axis of the toggle lock and serves as both an unlocking member and a breech block accelerator. The feed system use non disintegrating belts made from cloth or tarpaulin with metallic alignment struts. Ammunition feed is from the right side. The MG08/15 is usually attached to a bipod. The Maxim gun fires from closed bolt toggle lock action. The feed system uses non disintegrating belts, made from cloth or tarpaulin, with metallic struts. Feed was from the right side only and was accomplished through the horizontally pivoting pin / levers system by the recoiling barrel group. Top breech cover stamped with the serial number, M.G.08/15 GWF SPANDAU 1917. In yellow paint on the right side is 'Captured by 47 BN A.I.F. at Dernancourt 28.3.18.' The breech block is stamped 4306, butt 4898, feed mechanism 4005 and ammunition box bracket 9120. This weapon is complete with all parts including a bipod and top water jacket condenser hose clip.
SummaryThis machine gun was captured by Sgt Stanley Robert McDougall after a German attack on the 47th Battalion AIF, at Dernancourt on the 28th March 1918. For this action, Sgt McDougall was awarded the Victoria Cross.