Mk IV Female Tank

Collection ID RELAWM05040.001
Collection type Technology
Title Mk IV Female Tank
Object type Vehicle

Mk IV 'Female' Tank. A First World War British armoured fighting vehicle, weighing 28 tonnes, and carrying a crew of 8 - driver, commander, two gearsmen, and four machine gunners. Manufactured by the Coventry Ordnance Works, the tank has a distinctive rhombodial shape with a large sponson on each side. The sponsons are each fitted with two light machine gun ports in gimbals. The tank is constructed from riveted armour plate and is powered by a 105 hp Daimler 6 cylinder petrol engine, which is centrally mounted between the sponsons. The vehicle's tracks are fabricated from metal and travel over the entire length of the vehicle. The front glacis of tank has a single light machine gun port. On the side of the tank towards the rear is stencilled in white paint the manufacturer's indentification number 4643. The tank is painted with an overall matt brown-green colour, based on paint survivals of the original finish found on the vehicle. The interior of the tank is painted white.