ID numberRELAWM07799.002
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleTurkish water bottle : Lone Pine, Gallipoli
Object typeHeraldry
Date madec 1914-1915
Physical descriptionSteel
DescriptionDamaged and badly corroded Turkish water bottle, which is badly misshapen due to battle and environmental damage. It also contains many bullet and shrapnel holes. The edges of the oval top and bottom have been bent over the body of the waterbottle and soldered in place. One of the long sides bears two rectangular metal suspension loops. The top of the bottle on the opposing side bears an oval hole which once held a drinking spout.
SummaryThis Turkish water bottle was one of the items found scattered over the Lone Pine position on 8 January 1919 by members of the Australian War Records Section (AWRS). The small party of AWRS staff, led by Lieutenant William Hopkin James, worked on Gallipoli between December 1918 and March 1919, taking photographs and collecting items for the national collection.