Armband : State Emergency Services : Victoria : Messenger : 1939-45
ID numberRELAWM31637.003
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleArmband : State Emergency Services : Victoria : Messenger : 1939-45
Object typeBadge
Date made1941-1944
Physical description
  • Cotton tape
  • Rubberised fabric
DescriptionWhite rubberised canvas armband. Both tape ties are missing. Printed in blue on the band is "ARP / MESSENGER".
SummaryExample of the type of Air Raid Precaution (ARP) armband used by the State Emergency Service (SES) of Victoria during the Second World War; this example worn by messengers. The Victorian style of armband differed from those of other states, and is indicative of the variety of ARP organisation found across the states. In NSW, ARP was run by the National Emergency Service; in Queensland, the Civil Defence Organisation; in South Australia, the Civil Defence Force, in Western Australia, the Department of Civil Defence; in Tasmania, the Civil Defence Legion and in the Australian Capital Territory, the Enemy Raids Precaution.