ID number RELAWM40155.002
Title Brown leather Pilot survival knife scabbard with field dressing : Major P. Badcoe, VC, Australian Army Training Team Vietnam
Collection Technology
Object type Edged Weapon or Club Accessory
Date made c 1960s
Physical description Leather
On display Main building: Hall of Valour: Main Hall


Brown leather scabbard for a survival knife has a loop with a press stud near the top for holding the knife handle. Below it is a belt loop. A small pocket is sewn below the body of the scabbard. A field dressing has been attached to the outside of the scabbard with green plastic adhesive tape. The field dressing contains its original packaging.


This knife and scabbard, with US style field dressing attached, was carried by 41400 Major Peter John Badcoe, Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) when he lost his life on 7 April 1967 in an attack in the Huong Tra District. Major Badcoe accompanied the 1st Army of the Republic of Vietnam Division Reaction Company when they came under heavy small arms fire and in an attempt to counter attack and was killed by machine gun fire. The knife was taken from his body by 11359 Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) James Pashen who was Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) for the AATTV from September 1966 until May 1967. Pashen was responsible for identifying Badcoe's remains and escorting his body from Danang to Saigon. He recovered Major Badcoe's effects, which had been left at the American compound at Hue, where Badcoe had been based. Together with 57050 Major Ross Buchan, Pashen sorted out Badcoe's personal effects, noting that he also had a collection of eleven, mainly US manufactured knives. This particular knife, however, was with Major Badcoe when he died. For actions of considerable bravery in the months leading up to his death, Major Badcoe was awarded the Victoria Cross.