ID number S00182
Title (689) John George (Jack) Tarrant DCM as a sergeant, 20 Battalion, Gallipoli, France and Belgium, 1915-1918, interviewed by Peter Sekuless
Collection Sound
Object type Oral history
Date made 4 July 1984
Physical description sound tape reel; BASF LP 35; 3 3/4 ips/9.5 cm.s; stereo; 5 inch Sound   
Note Open
Copying provision Copy provided for personal non-commercial use


Early life; enlisting; two brothers already enlisted; landed on Gallipoli 22 August 1915; description of evacuation; feeling that he was fighting as a British subject, not as an Australian; opinion of the Turks and the Germans; arriving in France and fighting in Bois Grenier (near Armentières); being wounded at Pozieres; Billy Hughes granting Australian troops 10 days leave; Ypres; AFC being formed; wounded again November 1916 at Flers, on the Somme; receiving the DCM for his actions at Mont St Quentin; declaration of the Armistice; different bombs and hand grenades used by Germans, Turks and Australians; opinion of Peter Weir's film "Gallipoli"; younger brother who was born in 1900 changed his name to enlist underage; going to the Domain in Sydney to be demobbed; jobs after the war; War Gratuity; joining the RSL; ANZAC Day 1984.
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