ID numberAWM52
Collection typeOfficial Record
Title2nd AIF (Australian Imperial Force) and CMF (Citizen Military Forces) unit war diaries, 1939-45 War
Object typeOfficial Record
CopyrightCommonwealth of Australia copyright
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DescriptionThis series comprises the War Diaries created by the units of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and Citizen Military Forces (CMF) during the Second World War. While on active service, Army headquarters, formations and units were required to keep unit war diaries recording their daily activities. These diaries were arranged by unit and covered the period of one month at a time.

The content of the war diaries generally consist of war diary or intelligence summary sheets located at the beginning of each diary which record the date of each entry, the unit's location, a summary of events and any remarks or references to appendices. The appendices, which make up the larger part of each diary, may include orders, despatches, instructions, reports, telegrams, and decisions taken; daily situation reports; staff duties; accounts of operations; changes in establishment or strength; and a summary of information received.

The content of individual war diaries depends on the unit concerned and their functions and daily activities. Overall, however, the main factor controlling the contents and quality of contents of a particular diary remains the skill, dedication, and enthusiasm of the officer who was in charge of compiling it.

More information can be found in the introduction to the series.
AWM52 Class 1 - Headquarters Units RCDIG1020081
AWM52 Class 2 - Cavalry RCDIG1020082
AWM52 Class 3 - Armoured Corps RCDIG1020083
AWM52 Class 4 - Artillery RCDIG1020084
AWM52 Class 5 - Engineers RCDIG1020085
AWM52 Class 6 - Survey RCDIG1020086
AWM52 Class 7 - Signals RCDIG1020087
AWM52 Class 8 - Infantry RCDIG1020088
AWM52 Class 9 - Intelligence RCDIG1020089
AWM52 Class 10 - Supplies and Transport RCDIG1020090
AWM52 Class 11 - Medical RCDIG1020091
AWM52 Class 12 - Dental RCDIG1020092
AWM52 Class 13 - Ordnance RCDIG1020093
AWM52 Class 14 - Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers RCDIG1020094
AWM52 Class 15 - Pay RCDIG1020095
AWM52 Class 16 - Veterinary and Remounts RCDIG1020096
AWM52 Class 17 - Postal RCDIG1020097
AWM52 Class 18 - Provost RCDIG1020098
AWM52 Class 20 - Printing and Stationery RCDIG1020099
AWM52 Class 21 - Graves RCDIG1020100
AWM52 Class 22 - Labour, Employment and Works Companies RCDIG1020101
AWM52 Class 23 - Canteen RCDIG1020102
AWM52 Class 25 - Miscellaneous - (includes North Australia Observer Unit, Independent Companies, Concert Parties and POW contact units) RCDIG1020103
AWM52 Class 28 - Camp and Ship Staffs RCDIG1020104
AWM52 Class 29 - General Details Depot and Discharge RCDIG1026322
AWM52 Class 30 - Leave Transit Depots - Staging Camps - Reception Camps RCDIG1020105
AWM52 Class 31 - Rehabilitation RCDIG1020106
AWM52 Class 32 - Australian Women’s Army Service Barracks RCDIG1020107
AWM52 Class 33 - Psychology RCDIG1020108
AWM52 Class 34 - Schools RCDIG1026323
AWM52 Class 35 - Training RCDIG1020187
AWM52 Class 36 - Volunteer Defence Corps RCDIG1020188
AWM52 Class 37 - Troopships RCDIG1020189
AWM52 Class 40 - Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1020190