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Collection number AWM52 8
ID number RCDIG1020088
Title AWM52 Class 8 - Infantry
Collection Digitised Collection
Object type Official Record
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The infantry is the main fighting arm of the Army. The basic infantry formation is the battalion (comprising between 700-800 personnel). The next highest command formation is the brigade which plans and directs the operations of three battalions. Units comprising the infantry in the Australian Army in the Second World War included machine gun battalions, pioneer units (that performed engineering functions), and garrison units guarding POW camps. Infantry battalions of the Australian Army in the Second World War comprised units from both the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the Militia units. The former can be distinguished by the prefix '2/-' to their battalion number.
In addition, units at this level include those under the direct command of larger other Headquarter units. These can be relatively small units, as well as units that may undertake a specialist function, or been formed for a defined duration. Often such units do not necessarily fit easily into other arms or formations of the Army.

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