ID numberE02044
Collection typePhotograph
Object typeBlack & white - Glass original half plate negative
MakerUnknown Australian Official Photographer
Place madeFrance: Picardie, Somme, Bertangles
Date made22 April 1918
DescriptionThe remains of Baron von Richthofen's Fokker Triplane at the aerodrome of No. 3 Squadron of the Australian Flying Corps. The famous German airman was shot down and crashed in Australian lines while flying a Triplane very near the ground on the tail of a British scout. Only one bullet - believed to be from a Lewis gun attached to a Battery of Australian Field Artillery - was found in his body, and that through the heart. It was a dramatic event. Note white fabric on rudder. See also K48-K50 (Imperial War Museum). Left to right: Lieutenant (Lt) C. W. Gray, observer; Lt F. J. Mart, observer; Lt N. Mulroney, pilot; Lt O. G. Witcomb, observer; Lt T. L. Baillieu, pilot (later awarded DFC); Lt R. W. Kirkwood, observer; Lt A. L. D. Taylor, observer (Killed in action 20 May 1918); Private L. H. Reid, storeman (behind); Lt M. Sheehan, pilot.