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    12 years

    A True Anzac

    T’was the 25th of April dawn about to break,
    We had our rifles ready, oh how our shoulders ached.

    I remember my mates silent, no-one dared to say a word,
    We thought we saw some movement, but all our minds were blurred.

    Some boots hit the sand, but some just sank straight down,
    All I saw was a cliff face and a sea of khaki and brown.

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    Mullumbimby Public School & St John's Catholic School

    Students from these schools participating in the opening of Re-Membering Our ANZACS exhibition by Deborah Gower at Ex-Services Club Mullumbimby on 11 November 2014. The display shows a number of wooden crosses with hand-written messages. These crosses are part of one of the AWM’s First World War Centenary projects, which commemorates those who served and died during the First World War. Photos: Paul Schneider Photographics.

    Year 5

    Gallipoli 1915-1916

    On that dark and gloomy April night,
    Away from our beloved hometown,
    We loaded our guns – ready to fight,
    Frozen with fear as we squatted down,

    In the feared filled trench,
    The blood of soldiers lost in the war,
    Down low you could smell the stench,
    Dead soldiers seek the white door.

    Far back they sealed the fates of us all,
    With each doomsday shell,
    The ones were lucky that didn’t fall,
    No man could escape such hell.

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    Aged 14

    The Young Aussie Diggers

    The young Aussie boy
    No more than seventeen
    Split up into groups of six
    Of blokes he’d never seen

    One said “How’s it going mate
    You seem a bit too young!
    You don’t look that much older
    Than a man of 21!”

    He then said, “Pleased to meet you, I’m Martsson
    But you can call me ‘Mart’
    Just as they had started talking
    The boat was to depart

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    Aged 10

    Belconnen High School

    Mirrored Memoirs

    A sea of brown flows limitless –
    Dry grass clumps and rutted earth.
    The Germans stand in coalesce
    Prepared to fight for all they’re worth.

    Much horror soon is yet to come,
    Inferno’s close, its breath grows raucous.
    Silence – not a murmured hum,
    The pending soldiers, greatly cautious.

    The lines of men that stand prepared,
    Are shielded by their masks of heft.
    Their frail bodies – under – cared,
    Are all the hope that they have left.

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    St. Joseph's Regional High School

    Ryan wrote and delivered this address for his school's Remembrance Day speech evening.

    Year 6 students
    Trinity College

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On behalf of Year 6 students at Trinity College, we would like to thank you for touring us and showing us around the War Memorial. We really enjoyed the statues, the movie and the stuffed horse, all these things had stories about war heroes.

    We remember when we saw all the huge aircraft and we saw the light show, the gift shop was full of interesting things.

    We had great fun doing all the activities and looking at all the old features and we could touch so many different things such as hard tack and all different relics.

    Kind Regards,
    Vicke, Ava, and Danielle, Year 6 students
    Trinity College.

    Years 5/6 students
    Hale School
    Wembley Downs, WA

    Middle School students from Hale researched an Old Haleian who was lost in a theatre of war and whose name appears on the Memorial's Roll of Honour. These posters summarise their findings.

    Balmain Public School
    Aged 11

    The Unsung Hero

    Mary-Anne Taylor, her mother and her brother and sisters were standing in the hot sun watching the parade go past. It was the spring of 1914 and war had broken out three months ago. Her father came to Australia to work in the goldfields but unfortunately made no money to go home. After years’ worth of savings, he finally got enough money to take a trip to England. When the war started Mary-Anne’s father was in England visiting his sick mother, so he joined up to fight for the British Empire. He was fighting on the Western Front against the Germans. That parade brought back memories of him and made her start thinking about when she was going to see him again. Little did she know that she was never going to see her father again.

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    Hughes, ACT - Aged 10

    Fiona sent in this card for Anzac Day 2014.

    Aged 14

    The Unseen Murderer

    The sky cries, all day it has cried
    The cold sodden hearts and muddy earth are untouched
    For not one but many have just died
    And no goal has been reached.

    Their precious lives lost, a generation wasted
    Carried away by the wind and mustard gas
    Erased from the earth by shells and false hatred
    Their world razed while they watch in a trench pass.

    Eating, sleeping and walking in their graves
    Their Generals commanding kilometres away
    Fighting against reason and living worse than slaves
    Families praying the telegram never reaches their doorways.

    The sky shrieks for the tortured men and cries
    For one stone pillar cannot replace the millions of stolen lives.

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