PAIU2007.077.03 Andrew Gaze in the First World War trench in the D-ZonePAIU2007.077.03

The Discovery Zone is an amazing hands-on learning space. Visitors can see, touch, listen, and smell their way through five distinct environments that replicate the living conditions during five periods of conflict since Australia’s Federation.

The environments are:

Discussion Questions

  1. What conflicts has Australia been involved in since Federation?
  2. What was the Cold War? How long did it last?
  3. Is peacekeeping different to war? How?
  4. How does war affect the soldiers' families?
  5. Why is it important to understand what life was like for these Australians involved in the conflicts you listed in Question 1?
  6. What should we remember about these Australians? How should we remember them?
  7. When is a war really over? (Think about the effects of war upon those who have experienced, and their families.)