The most valuable learning experience for both students and teachers is to participate in one of our facilitated programs. The goal of all our programs is to assist students to remember, interpret and understand the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact on Australian society.

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Programs draw on real objects and fascinating stories, using hands-on items and interactive discussion to engage students. All programs are linked to national curriculum profiles for History, English, Visual Arts, Science and Technology.

If you would like to book a school wreath laying ceremony, please ensure that you note this in the "special comments" when you book online.

If you would like to attend the Last Post Ceremony, send your request to However, please be aware, due to limited capacity in the Commemorative area, a request does not guarantee attendance.

If your school is planning to attend the Last Post ceremony, please be aware that students will be standing for up to 45 minutes in the outdoors prior to and during the ceremony. Please ensure you prepare adequately, including bringing sufficient water and clothing for your students.

Pre or post-visit ideas

Book a Memorial Box before or after your visit to get hands-on with history and enhance your students' learning. Also check out our classroom resources for case-studies, activities, and much more.

The programs

Cost per head
Anzac legacy     $7.70 1 hr
Australians and the First World War     $7.70 1 hr
Science and war     $5.50 45 min
Strange but true     $5.50 45 min
We will remember them     $5.50 45 min
Go back to the source     $7.70 1 hr
Australia in the Second World War     $7.70 1 hr
The Vietnam era     $7.70 1 hr
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wartime service     $7.70 1 hr
The past in the present     $5.50 45 min
Cobber's tales Preschool & foundation $3.30 30 min
    $3.30 30 min
Can be booked in conjunction with one of the above programs.
Teacher-guided visit     Free
Can only be booked from 10am onwards.

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