Rising Sun Hat Badge: Private E G Kinnear, 9 Light Horse Regiment REL29538Rising Sun Hat Badge: Private E G Kinnear, 9 Light Horse Regiment REL29538

Suitable for primary school students (Years 5 and 6).
Secondary schools may be interested in Australians and the First World War.


This program investigates the contribution and qualities of Australian servicemen and women and the enduring legacy of their service on our history. It explores their personal stories and experiences, looking particularly at the ANZACs and what caused Australians to enlist in the First World War. During this program students will also have the opportunity to write a personal commemorative message on a wooden cross, which will be placed on a grave of one of the fallen in a cemetery overseas.


  • What were Australia's links and loyalties to the British Empire?
  • Who were the ANZACs? Why did they enlist? Where did they go?
  • Qualities of mateship, endurance, courage and sacrifice: are these qualities unique to Australian servicemen and women? Do all Australian servicemen and women possess these qualities?
  • What impact did the First World War have on Australian society then and now?

Strategic focus

This program uses a variety of strategies to cater to multiple intelligences. Varied exhibit types will be used to broaden perspective and understanding.

  • School children from Hartwell Primary School participate in the Memorial's Commemorative Cross Project. PAIU2013/029.09

Curriculum links

Year 6: Australia as a nation

Experiences of democracy and citizenship over time; the significance of Australia’s British heritage.

Experiences of Australian democracy and citizenship, including the status and rights of Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders, migrants, women, and children.
Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia and the reasons they migrated, such as World War II and Australian migration programs since the war.
The contribution of individuals and groups, including Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders and migrants, to the development of Australian society.


Price $7.70 per student (incl. GST)
Duration 1 hour
Maximum number 60 students per hour
Group size 15
Available 9 am – 3.30 pm

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