EKN/67/0130/VN Iroquois helicopters are landing to take members of 7RAR back to Nui Dat after completion of Operation UlmarraIroquois helicopters land to take members of 7RAR back to Nui Dat after completion of Operation Ulmarra, August 1967. AWM EKN/67/0130/VN

Suitable for students in Years 9 – 12.


This program assists students to develop an understanding of the experience of Australian soldiers in Vietnam, within the broader social and political context of the time.


  • Explore Australian soldiers’ experience in Vietnam as well as the social and political issues surrounding the conflict.
  • Investigate the impact of TV coverage, conscription and the anti-war movement which concurrently made the Vietnam War a unique conflict.
  • Experience some stories of people in this conflict using objects and gallery links.
  • Challenge the students to develop a greater understanding of the impact of this conflict on Australian society.

Strategic focus

A lively role-play explores the Australian soldiers’ experiences during the Vietnam War. Varied exhibits and collection objects are examined to broaden perspective and understanding.

Curriculum links

Year 10
The nature of the Cold War and Australia’s involvement in Cold War and post-Cold War conflicts (Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf Wars, Afghanistan), including the rising influence of Asian nations since the end of the Cold War.
The impact of at least ONE world event or development and its significance for Australia, such as the Vietnam War and Indochinese refugees.
Senior Secondary
The Changing World Order: The involvement of Australia in the Cold War, with particular reference to foreign policy, nuclear testing at Maralinga, and the war in Vietnam.
Engagement with Asia: The nature of Australia’s response to key developments in the period, including the success of the Communists in China, the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, the return of the French to Vietnam, Indonesian claims for independence, Australia’s adherence to the White Australia Policy until 1973, and the implications of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.
Movements of people: Displacement arising from conflict and persecution (1975 - 2010), for example fleeing from Communism in Asia (Vietnam War) and civil wars in Africa (Horn of Africa).


Price $7.70 per student (incl. GST)
Duration 1 hour
Maximum number 30 students per hour
Group size 15
Available Limited availability

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