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Anzac Diversity

Collection This collection of case studies explores the ethnic diversity of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF), examining the stories of Indigenous, Chinese, Russian, Indian and European Australians who served in the First World War.


Joseph Brandebura

Case study Joseph was one of at least 969 Russian subjects who served with the Australian forces during the war.

Ludwig Ahbol

Case study Latvian-born Ahbol made a home in Australia, before enduring the harsh winter of 1916 on the Western Front.

Education services poster 2010

Poster Featuring George Lambert's ANZAC, the landing 1915, unpack the painting with activities for students.

Robert Deckhardt

Case study Robert came from Poland to Australia after his parents died, and enlisted with the new 42nd Battalion AIF.

The Sam Family

Case study The four sons of Jane and William Sam were among the many Australians with Chinese heritage who served.

Make hard tack

Practical Ever wondered how the many thousands of ANZACs could be supplied with food quickly and with no refrigeration?


Royal Australian Navy submarine HMAS AE1 at sea in 1914.

Case study HMAS AE1 was sent as part of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF) to capture German possessions in the western Pacific and German New Guinea.

William Joseph Punch

Case study Punch was one of perhaps 1,200 Indigenous Australians to fight in the First World War.

Forever yours: stories of wartime love and friendship

eBook The personal stories of ordinary Australians who knew what it was to love, and be loved, and lose love during wartime.

Brian Pockley

Case study Pockley lost his life at Kabakaul, Papua New Guinea, ensuring the safety of a wounded comrade.