Thank you for the interest you have shown in a vacancy at the Australian War Memorial. We have compiled the following information to assist you with your application. Please read it carefully.

Employment conditions are in accordance with the Memorial’s Teamwork Agreement. To be eligible for non-ongoing or ongoing employment, applicants need to be an Australian citizen or have Australian citizenship.

The Memorial is committed to employment equity. Our selection process aims to ensure that selections for engagement, promotion or movement are fair and equitable and that they are made without discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, or disability. For more information, refer to the Workplace Diversity Program.

Questions about the job

Should you have any questions about the job or the functional area in which it is located, please ask the Contact Officer nominated in the advertisement.

Qualification requirements

The Director of the Australian War Memorial has set minimum qualification requirements for some jobs. These are shown on the qualifications schedule. Should you have any questions about qualification requirements, please ask the nominated Contact Officer for the position.

NB: Attach copies of your qualifications: do not send originals.

Preparing your application

Please read the position documentation carefully before writing an application. You may wish to talk with the contact officer.

Writing your application

When requested by the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC), applications must include the following to enable the committee to have sufficient information to assess your claims.

  • Application form (must be attached with your application)
  • Statement addressing the Selection Criteria (Please refer to the position documentation for specific requirements)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (includes personal details and work history)
  • Referees' reports - 'Advice to referees page' (Please refer to the position documentation for specified requirements).

Writing to Memorial Selection Criteria

The following points will assist you with this statement.

  • Use the Selection Criteria as headings.
  • Relate your skills and abilities to each of the Selection Criteria.
  • Don’t just make claims – you need to demonstrate clearly that you possess the required Selection Criteria. Use examples (which can be verified by a referee) of achievements which indicate how you have used your skills.
  • Include only relevant information, outlining your achievements against that particular capability.
  • Be concise.

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should comprise a résumé of personal particulars and an outline of your work history. The following is a suggested format.

  • full name and address
  • telephone number (include a contact number during business hours)
  • educational qualifications (include majors, date and institution where obtained or expected date of completion)
  • referee details (include name and contact number during business hours)
  • employment history (include dates, names of employers, positions occupied, work area (Section/Branch etc.) and a brief outline of the duties undertaken. The details should be in reverse chronological order, starting with your present position and working backwards. Be concise and only give relevant information about major responsibilities. It is not necessary to mention in detail jobs which were held for short periods, unless the experience is relevant to the advertised position. However, please don’t leave any unexplained gaps in your work history).

Referee reports

The position documentation details the requirements relating to referees. If you are required to submit a referee report, ideally one of the referees should be the applicant’s immediate supervisor, who can provide comments on your work performance and an assessment of you in terms of the capabilities. Chairpersons may request written references be brought to the interview, but you will be advised if this is a requirement. In writing their reports, referees should follow the Advice to referees. Referees must discuss the content of any report with the applicant. Both the referee and applicant are required to sign the report.

The Selection Advisory Committee is aware that it is not always possible for applicants employed in the private sector or outside this organisation to submit a referee’s report from their current supervisor with their application. However, any documentation supporting the applicant’s claims which may assist in the shortlisting process should be submitted. Please note that nominated referees will be contacted before an offer can be made. If you have been shortlisted for interview or further assessment and you have not nominated your immediate supervisor, you may be asked to provide an explanation. Please note the selection panel can seek comments from your immediate supervisor in order to assess your claims.

Lodging your application

Please submit your application via email to

or personally at the reception desk of the Administration Building.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your application reaches this Office by close of business on the closing date specified in the advertisement. Written “Expressions of Interest” are to be sent directly to the Recruitment Officer. However, it is the responsibility of the contact officer to decide whether they will accept a late application and any enquiries in this regard should be directed to that person.

Where possible we aim to have recruitment processes completed within 2 months from the date of advertising.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted regarding the next phase in the selection process, where possible at least one week’s notice will be given before interview. To those applicants who are not shortlisted, we extend our thanks for considering the Memorial as a potential employer.

Please note if you are requested to attend an interview at the Memorial, you will be required to do so at your own expense.

The Australian War Memorial is an Equal Opportunity Employer