References are provided to the Australian War Memorial either by phone or in the form of a written report. The Referee Report is designed so that referee comments can easily be compared and are kept brief enough for a SAC to find useful.

In providing your reference, you are asked to comment on the applicant in terms of the job documentation, and rate the applicant against each criteria using the rating scale provided in the attached form. Comments and rating should be based on the applicant's likely capability for the position in question, having regard to their work experience while under your supervision.

Comments must be objective, and also include specific examples to emphasise and illustrate the applicant's abilities, knowledge, experience and personal qualities in relation to the criteria. Additional comments can be used to emphasis any strengths and weaknesses. In some cases the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) may contact referees for further discussion and clarification of comments made in a written reference.

The Referee Report template can be downloaded here

Please forward the completed report to


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