The story of the Howell-Price brothers is one of the most remarkable examples of a family at war. Six Howell-Price brothers served during the First World War. They were sons of a Welsh clergyman, who for many years was the vicar of St Silas's Anglican Church in Waterloo, Sydney.

Rev John Howell-Price, c. 1914.
Rev John Howell-Price, father of five brothers who fought in the First World War, c. 1914.

When war broke out in 1914, the brothers ranged in age from David, 33, to down to Richmond, 18. All the brothers except David served overseas with distinction and were highly decorated. Sadly, the three youngest brothers were all killed in action on the Western Front.

David had served in the South African War. During the First World War he remained in Australia as the adjutant of a light horse (militia) regiment.

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