• For Australians 1942 was a year of mixed tidings. Weighed against the victories on the Kokoda Trail, at Buna and Gona and at El Alamein was the loss of the 8th Division at Singapore and the realisation late in the year that although the tide of the war was turning in the Allies' favour there would be much bitter fighting ahead.

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    Keynote address:
    Michael Caulfield Converting History into Film
    Malaya and Singapore:
    Dr Alan Warren Malaya-Singapore Campaign
    John Moremon A failure to learn?: Preparing for war in New Guinea (drawing on the lessons of Malaya)
    Garth Pratten Scraping the bottom of the barrel?: Battalion command in the 8th Division
    The War to the North:
    Brad Manera Australian Guerillas in Timor
    Ian Hodges The loss of HMAS Armidale
    Lunch Launch of Melanie Oppenheimer's book All work, no pay at 1pm
    Australia at War:
    Professor Alan Powell Darwin Retrospective, 1942
    Dr Drew Cottle "A Brave Front?": Responses of Sydney's social classes to the Pacific War, 1942
    Dr Peter Stanley Australia under threat of invasion (1.2Mb, pdf)
    Conference presentation (4.38 Mb, Quicktime)
    Dr Bobbie Oliver Conscientious objectors
    Dr Melanie Oppenheimer 1942: Year of austerity
    Counter Offensives:
    Professor David Horner High Command and the Kokoda Campaign
    Major General Steve Gower Sacking the generals in Papua
    Dr John Mordike Air Power at Milne Bay, August - September 1942
    Prisoners of War:
    Professor Joan Beaumont Prisoners of War
    Rosalind Hearder "Making bricks without straw": Australian doctors' responses to medical challenges in Japanese captivity
    Dr Christina Twomey "Working for the Jap": Australian civilian internees remember 1942
    Professor Fran De Groen Japan Party B Bound for Korea, 1942
    Australia and the Global War:
    Professor Peter Edwards Prime Minister Curtin turns to America
    Alastair Cooper The Royal Australian Navy and Allied Command
    Battles far Away:
    Professor Hank Nelson Australians in Bomber Command
    Dr Mark Johnston El Alamein
    Panel discussion: Australia and the war in 1942