Daily at 4.55 pm (AEDT)

A bugler and piper in the commemorative area of the Australian War Memorial PAIU2013/044.04

Live video stream

At the end of each day, commencing at 4.55 pm AEDT, the Memorial farewells visitors with its moving Last Post ceremony. The ceremony begins with the singing of the Australian National Anthem, followed by the poignant strains of a Lament, played by a piper. Visitors are invited to lay wreaths and floral tributes beside the Pool of Reflection. The Roll of Honour in the Cloisters lists the names of more than 102,000 Australians who have given their lives in war and other operations over more than a century. At each ceremony the story behind one of these names will be told. The Ode is then recited, and the ceremony ends with the sounding of the Last Post.

On the first and third Wednesday of each month the Last Post ceremony includes the presence of Australia's Federation Guard. At 4.00 pm a catafalque party mounts a vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier in the Hall of Memory. There is a change of guard at 4.30 pm, and the entire catafalque party then participates in the Last Post ceremony.

Live stream via webcam

To enable anyone anywhere in Australia or overseas to view the Last Post ceremony, it is broadcast live daily via webcam on the Memorial’s website from 4.55 pm AEDT. The ceremony is a memorable occasion, engaging visitors and offering them the opportunity to remember those Australians who have lost their lives in war and to reflect on their service and sacrifice.

Proudly supported by the RSL & Services Clubs of Australia.

How can I find out whose stories are being told?

The Last Post ceremony calendar lists the names of those whose stories will be presented each day.

How can I commemorate a particular person?

Whilst the memorial understands that personal requests to commemorate particular individuals carry great significance, it may not be possible at this time to meet such requests. However, the Memorial encourages visitors to participate in the ceremony by laying a wreath, regardless of the story being presented on that day. Commemorative cards on wreaths and floral tributes will be catalogued and archived by the Memorial, and kept in perpetuity. Should you wish to lay a wreath or floral tribute on your next visit, please approach Memorial staff before 4.45 AEDT pm.

Who can I contact for more information?

Requests for further information relating to the Last Post ceremony can be directed to lastpostceremony@awm.gov.au

Can I share the photos I took of the ceremony?

If you would like to share photos you took at a Last Post ceremony here at the Memorial, you can:

Dr Brendan Nelson, Last Post Ieper wreathlaying ceremony 27 September 2013.