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Be part of the changing of the Guard

Australia’s Federation Guard is a tri-service ceremonial unit of the Australian Defence Force. Its members have been carrying out ceremonial duties since March 2000. It provides a ceremonial presence during visits to Australia by foreign dignitaries and for civil and military events, including here at the Australian War Memorial.

The service involves the Federation Guard forming a catafalque party around the Tomb of the Australian Unknown Soldier. You may ask what is a catafalque party? Historically a catafalque was a support for a coffin, but it has come to be represented by a remembrance stone or tomb. A catafalque party was originally appointed to guard a coffin from theft or desecration. Now it performs a ceremonial role, honouring the dead.

Complete your afternoon by watching the Federation Guard take their positions.

Remember this only occurs on the first and third Wednesday of each month.