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The Vietnam War continues to cast a long shadow. At the height of the Cold War it dominated global attention for over a decade. Although the war
ended almost 40 years ago, it confronted political leaders, military commanders, and soldiers in the field with dilemmas that are still relevant today. Controversy over military intervention and the conduct of the war generated deep divisions in political and cultural life and left an indelible impact on American and Australian society. The war also shaped Australian and US defence and foreign policy for a generation and left lingering after-effects in Vietnam and the neighbouring nations of South-east Asia.

Many questions remain about the war: whether the strategic goals were relevant or attainable, whether the tactics employed were effective or appropriate, and whether the morality, cost and consequences of the long war could be justified by either side.

This conference will gather leading historians, authors, former war correspondents, and veterans from Australia and overseas to bring multinational perspectives to bear on these and other questions as they reflect on the course and conduct of the military struggle, and the enduring memory of the conflict. This is bound to be an informative and engaging experience for all participants and should reshape many popular perceptions of our longest and most controversial war.

Registration/Program information Cost Full registration $290.00   Concession registration $250.00 Concession registrations are available to people with Government issued pension cards, Friends of the Memorial, and students with relevant identification.  Please bring you ID with you to registration desk when you come to the conference. Dinner $99.00 Dinner will be held in ANZAC Hall at the Australian War Memorial and will include a three course dinner and a welcome drink. Further drinks will be available for purchase at the cash bar.

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The conference is being convened by the Australian War Memorial.

The conference is proudly supported by Boeing Australia.

The support of the Australian Government through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is gratefully acknowledged.