A is for Animals offers an A to Z of animals in war, from mascots and messengers to creepy-crawlies. Animals are put to many uses in war. Sometimes they have jobs to do: the horses, camels, mules, and donkeys used to transport soldiers and equipment, as well as carrier pigeons and tracker dog with their special talents. Often animals are used as mascots and pets, or as symbols on badges and flags. A is for animals also looks at those unwelcome animals, such as insects, rats, and wild creatures, that make life in the field even more difficult and dangerous.

The exhibition has been developed with a young audience in mind, but visitors of all ages will enjoy its fascinating and moving stories.

The book M is for Mate which was put together as part of this exhibition was shortlisted for the 2010 Children's Book Council,  Book of the Year - Eve Pownall Award.

Download A is for Animals education kit

 001117Captain Michelson with Tim the turtle.
 A03962Matron E J Gould, Miss P Frater, Miss J Bligh Johnston and "Buller".
 052601"Whacko" the parrot and "Cobber" the dog
 P00812.018Corporal Holland and camel.
 P01835.014Driver Farrell with 'Jack'
 012553Mrs Sweazy and a barn owl.
 DNE/65/0235/VNA young monkey with Corporal Elder.
 140163A centipede from New Guinea
 140486A papier-mache cow on Mrs Mellor's car.
 304910HMAS Encounter's mascot in the muzzle of a 6 inch gun.
 C00975A German message dog captured by Australians in 1918.
 015549A pet ring tailed possum examines Department of Information movie camera.
 P00422.010Australian trooper with horse in South Africa, 1901.
 P05290.001Major General Sir Bridges and Sandy the horse.
 141684Learning to milk on a dummy cow made of papier mache.
 008196The Pte. D.W. Jones with a donkey.
 ARTV05245British Second World War poster about the danger of malaria.
 ARTV06107A French poster about chickens and their benefits.
 ARTV03697 A British poster about vermin control.
 ARTV02497A poster reminding people of the dangers of loose talk.
 RELAWM04098A gas mask for a dog c 1916-1918.
 RELAWM04398A pidgeon on a two bird pigeon trench basket.
 ARTV08202A poster advertising a carnival with a kangaroo dressed as a soldier.
 P02173.001Horrie, the "Wog Dog", mascot of the 2/1st Machine Gun Battalion.
 RELAWM07953A soft toy kangaroo.
 RELAWM31374"Monk II", a handmade monkey doll.