Trench maps

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Lone Pine

The Nek forming-up plan

The Nek objectives map

The campaign at Gallipoli was meant to be a quick advance across the peninsula and north to Constantinople (Istanbul). Instead, owing such factors as the terrain and the valiant defence put up by the Turks, it bogged down into trench warfare. As the campaign grew from weeks to months, the trenches of both allies and Turks became more elaborate, and from early on in the campaign, maps were drawn of the developing trench systems.

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Australian soldiers standing in captured Turkish trenches on 9 August 1915


P03631.228 P03631.228 P03631.228

Turkish monument erected at the Nek after the evacuation of Gallipoli by the allies. The unburied remains of the Australian and Turkish soldiers killed, remained there until 1919, when they were finally buried