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    The images below were projected onto the external walls of the Australian War Memorial on
    5, 6 and 7 June
    11, 12 and 13 July
    3, 4 and 5 October 2008

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    000304/01 Women friends and family waving farewell to the troop transport ship Strathallan carrying the Advance Party of the 6th Division AIF to service overseas. 000304/01
    004525 Members of the AIF's Forestry Unit at work in North Britain, sawing a fallen pine to required lengths.004525
    005655 Derna, Libya, 1941-01-30. The official war photographers in action at night, with flashes of light on the horizon indicating a battle is taking place.005655
    006614 Mediterranean area, 1941-04. Two crew members of HMAS Perth watching the effect on the sea of the ship travelling at high speed.006614
    007407 Western Desert. 1940-06-10. A single line of men of the 2/7th battalion silhoutted as they file up a sandy slope during a desert patrol. 007407
    007786 Despite their ordeal after being evacuated from Crete, these diggers could still grin when a camera was pointed their way. 007786
    008300 1941-07. Paybook identification photograph of VX54760 Private W. C. Davis. ) 008300
    009697 A member of the Land Girl's Army at work on at "Killara", a farm near Stawella, Victoria, September 1941.009697
    010982 Smiling veterans of Tobruk who don't seem to answer to Lord Haw Haw's description, "Rats of Tobruk."010982
    011315 Western Desert. These 25 pounders, with New Zealand crews, have established a reputation for extreme accuracy.011315
    011529/22 Singapore, 1942-02-03. Two women wailing and crying for the small child whose dead body lies nearby after a Japanese air attack.011529/22
    013287 A group of AIF soldiers standing on the deck of troopship HMAT Ajana (A31) (detail) 013287
    013777 Australian guerillas in Timor.013777
    013788 Australian guerillas of Sparrow Force at their headquarters at Belulic.013788
    014028 Buna, Papua, 25 December 1942. Qx23902 Private George C. "Dick" Whittington being helped along a track through the kunai grass.014028
    014037 Buna, Papua. 1943-01-01. Fighting during the final assault on Buna.014037
    017738 Pacific area no 7, Philippines. 25 October 1944. General Macarthur wading through the water from the landing craft to return to the Philippines.017738
    018799 27 June 1945. Australian artillerymen in Alligators, amphibious tracked vehicles, making for the beach during the landing at Balikpapan, North Borneo. 018799
    030259/13 24 May 1945. Australian troops proceeding on recreational leave to Australia on board the troopship Katoomba.030259/13
    042070 This photograph comes from a series by the British official photographer, Len Chetwyn, showing Australians at El Alamein.042070
    044860 1943-05. Formal portrait of Damien Parer, official military cameraman with the Department of Information Film Unit.044860
    065276 Studio portrait of Gunner Norma Florence Munro, 54th Searchlight Battery, Royal Australian Artillery (RAA), in battle dress.065276
    082827 VF346984 Corporal (Cpl) Winifred Cormack, G Branch Photographic Section, HQ Victorial Lines of Communication Area, develops her negatives.082827
    090906 Tarakan, Borneo. 1945-04-30. Men of 2/13 Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers, rest after the initial attempt to get ashore to blow wire defences.090906
    090907 Tarakan, Borneo. 1945-04-30. Sapper R.A.R Stevenson (1), and Lance-Corporal R.C. Mace (2), members of 2/13 Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers.090907
    122083 Sydney, NSW. 1945-10-11. Part of the crowd at Woolloomooloo wharf waiting to greet returning members of the Eighth Division.122083
    132508 Balikpapan, Borneo, 1945-07-01. The landing ship, infantry barge, HMAS Kanimbla, carrying 9th Battalion troops.132508
    139365 Melbourne, Vic. 1943-07-21. Sergeant Hilary Benn (right) testing her high speed aircraft camera in the cockpit of a RAAF Avro Anson aircraft.139365
    157291 Darwin, Northern territory, 1943-03-15. Naval personnel direct a hose on to a blazing oil tank set on fire during a japanese air raid.157291
    A00830 Darwin, Northern territory, 1943-03-15. Naval personnel direct a hose on to a blazing oil tank set on fire during a japanese air raid.A00830
    A05332 Holding a parasol and notebook, Matron (Margaret) Grace Wilson "does a round".A05332
    ARTV04332 Australian Second World War poster depicts a man's hands holding photograph of three smiling soldiers.ARTV04332
    B00156 A member of the 7th Australian Light Horse Regiment (7ALH) having a bath in the desert.B00156
    B01390 A photographer in the photographic dark room at the Australian War Records Section, trimming prints.B01390
    C01929 Three unidentified 7th Battalion men standing at a bomb stop at the old Turkish firing line in Lone Pine.C01929
    DA09050 Studio portrait of 1159 Private (Pte) George Beamish Swanton, 24th Battalion, of Werribee, Vic, with his wife Nellie and young baby, Joan Helen.DA09050
    DAOD0858 Group portrait of soldiers playing Quails.DAOD0858
    E00371 Australians of the 30th Battalion making their way along a street of burning ruins in Bapaume, the day of its occupation by our troops.E00371
    E00572 Informal portrait of Captain C E W Bean, Official War Correspondent, knee deep in mud in Gird trench, near Gueudecourt in France, winter,1916-1917.E00572
    E00737 Soldiers running to take shelter from a heavy shellburst at Glencorse Wood in the Ypres salient.E00737
    E00833 Supporting troops of the 1st Australian Division walking on a duckboard track near Hooge, in the Ypres Sector. E00833
    E01117 View of the ruins of the Cloth Hall and the Cathedral at Ypres.E01117
    E01202A Australian infantry wounded at a First Aid Post near Zonnebeke Railway Station.E01202A
    E01220 Five Australians, members of a field artillery brigade, passing along a duckboard track over mud and water in the devastated Chateau Wood.E01220
    E01404 Members of the 1st Australian Infantry Battalion outside their billets in the Cavalry Barracks at Ypres.E01404
    E01440 Taking the votes of members of the 3rd Battalion on the second Conscription Referendum at Halinghen, near Samer.E01440
    E02790 Warfusee-Abancourt, France. Lieutenant Rupert Frederick Arding Downes MC addressing his Platoon from B Company, 29th Battalion.E02790
    E03183 A machine gun position established by the 54th Battalion during the morning of the attack through Peronne.E03183
    E03915 Australian Official Photographer, Captain George Hubert Wilkins, MC, (right) with Staff Sergeant William Joyce (left), standing on a British Mark V tank.E03915
    E04942P Bodies of American troops laid out in an American cemetery near the road leading to Gillemont Farm and Bony.E04942P
    E05303 Chatelet. An outdoors informal group portrait of unidentified members of the 1st Australian Mechanical Transport Company.E05303
    G00419 Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. 1915. An Australian officer visiting a comrade's grave at Lancashire Landing Cemetery.G00419
    G00907 Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. April 1915. Australian troops going into action across Plugge's Plateau after the landing on 25 April.G00907
    G01126 Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. Australian troops relax inside a captured Turkish trench at Lone Pine.G01126
    H01898 301 Company, Australian Motor Transport Army Service Corps at the 17th Division Ammunition Park prior to departure for the Western Front, 11 July 1915.H01898
    H01977 301 Company, Australian Motor Transport Army Service Corps at the 17th Division Ammunition Park prior to departure for the Western Front, 11 July 1915.H01977
    H03077 Cairo, Egypt. c. 1915. A Cairo street scene with horse drawn carriages in the foreground.H03077
    H06458 Portrait of 6082 Private (Pte) Miller Maffaking Fergusson, 27th Battalion, killed in action 5 May 1917.H06458
    H11576 A group of women in a crowd are a study in expressions at the Anzac Buffet in Hyde Park where relations waited to welcome home their loved ones.H11576
    H16137 Sydney, New South Wales. c. 1916. Members of the police force attempting to hold back people waitng to see an AIF procession go by.H16137
    MEA0141 Mediterranean Sea. c. July 1943. A member of No. 450 (Kittyhawk) Squadron RAAF holding his binoculars, prepares to check for any enemy craft. MEA0141
    MEA1017 Western Desert, North Africa. c. 1943. Flight Sergeant T. E. Dillon of Cootamundra, NSW, a wireless operator (left), passes a message to the pilot.MEA1017
    NEA0414 Flying from Mareeba, Qld. 1944-03-18. Close portside view of a CAC CA-13 Boomerang fighter aircraft.NEA0414
    P00043.010 Portrait of a Japanese soldier.P00043.010
    P00043.016 One of a set of photographs probably taken from a Japanese soldier after the allied landing at Balikpapan 1945-07.P00043.016
    P00055.001 Egypt, 1942-10-20. Victor George Costin sitting outside makeshift shelter.P00055.001
    P00117.046 Giza, Egypt, late 1914 early 1915. Bombardier Maxfield (left), Driver Rich, on the stone image and Gunner Shields of 7th FAB, Australian Field Artillery.P00117.046
    P00117.050 Giza, Egypt, early 1915. Sergeant R.D. Alcroft LEFT, Sergeant C.H. Galliott (centre) and the Sergeant Major of 3rd Brigade Austrlian Field Artillery, 7th Battery.P00117.050
    P00252.002 The first troopships carrying Australian and New Zealand soldiers, horses and supplies to the Great War, leaving Albany on 1 November 1914.P00252.002
    P00411.001 Members of the Australian Army Nursing Service, pictured on camels in front of the Sphinx and pyramids.P00411.001
    P00554.003 Major General H C H Robertson, GOC 6th Division, signing the surrender document marking the defeat of the Japanese.P00554.003
    P00574.001 Breighton, Yorkshire, England, 1943-03. Group photograph of No 460 Squadron RAAF, pictured on a Lancaster Bomber.P00574.001
    P01130.001 Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey, 1915. A view of Anzac Cove looking north toward New Zealand Point.P01130.001
    P01130.003 Amman, Palestine, 1918-09. Part of the large number of Turkish prisoners of war captured by the 2nd Australian Light Horse Brigade.P01130.003
    P01143.001 Amman, Palestine, 1918-09. Part of the large number of Turkish prisoners of war captured by the 2nd Australian Light Horse Brigade.P01143.001
    P01260.012 Tobruk, Libya. 1941-06. Gunner J W Croft of 8 battery, 2/3rd Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, hanging out his washing, kept low to avoid drawing enemy shellfire.P01260.012
    P01285.001 C. 1903. Hand tinted studio portrait of Lieutenant (Lt) Leslie C. Maygar VC DSO.P01285.001
    P02085.004 King George's Sound, WA. 1914-12-31. Arrival of the Second Detachment of the Australian and New Zealand Imperial Expeditionary Forces.P02085.004
    P02186.001 QLD, 1943. An unidentified Australian soldier resting in a railway carriage of a troop train probably bound for Townsville.P02186.001
    P02569.192 Three "fit" workers at Shimo Sonkurai No 1 Camp, standing outside the camp hospital.P02569.192
    P02648.030 Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. c May 1915. Two soldiers of the Supply Depot, 1st Australian Division.P02648.030
    P02713.001 Framed, hand coloured photograph of 2367 Lance Corporal (L/Cpl) Hamilton Hollingsworth McLachlan, of Inverell, NSW.P02713.001
    P02928.001 A reverse-painted glass portrait depicting 664 Private (Pte) Frederick Clarke.P02928.001
    P03631.046 Original Australian War Records Section caption: "An Australian Light Horseman collecting anemones near Belah in Palestine".P03631.046
    P03645.001 Portrait of 21905 Able Seaman Rex Cooper of Randwick, NSW.P03645.001
    P03730.001 Studio portrait of NFX125936 Sister Myrle Mary Eileen Moston AANS, 2/3 Australian Hospital Ship Centaur.P03730.001
    P04573.001 A group portrait of unidentified Australian Boer War Veterans in Queen Street, Melbourne at their reunion march.P04573.001
    P04774.001 Informal framed portrait of 1981 Corporal (Cpl) Robert Edwards, 13th Field Artillery Brigade, of Woodbridge, Tas.P04774.001
    P05073.001 Studio portrait of 5452 Private (Pte) James Wright, 2nd Australian Divisional Traffic Control Detachment, of Lion Mill, WA, with his family.P05073.001
    P05119.003 Informal portrait of Damien Parer boarding an aircraft. He is wearing a shirt with a patch on it that reads 'Accredited war correspondent'.P05119.003
    P05161.017 The journalist Iris Dexter standing under the starboard engine of a Douglas C-47 aircraft.P05161.017
    P05297.003 Studio portrait of three soldiers of the 2/13th Battalion dressed in Bedouin sheiks costume taken in Cairo on New Years Eve.P05297.003
    P05328.001 Group portrait of 29 Lance Corporal (LCpl) Alfred Woodburn Cook (in uniform with his arm resting on gate) and his unidentified family members.P05328.001
    P05470.004 Hand coloured, three panelled portrait of three brothers. All were killed in action on the Western Front during the First World War.P05470.004
    P06003.001 Studio portrait of an unidentified First World War soldier in Australian service uniform, including greatcoat and slouch hat.P06003.001
    PB0084 A group of AIF soldiers standing on the deck of troopship HMAT Ajana (A31).PB0084
    PB0345 Group of five nurses waiting to board the troop transport HMAT Orsova (A67).PB0345
    REL26881 Silver wire brooch with pin back fastening and safety chain.REL26881
    REL27939 Sweetheart's rolled gold pendant which has a photograph in each side.REL27939