An enduring legacy

Australia’s military forces have played an important role in the character of Canberra over the last 100 years. From current cadets at the Royal Military College to Canberrans who have most recently seen active service, the military continues to shape the Canberra community. 

Numerous tangible links to Canberra’s military history  are still in existence. The Royal Military College, Duntroon, HMAS Harman and Mount Stromlo Observatory are some of the locations which have maintained a physical presence since their construction.

The tradition continues

Military service among members of the Canberra community is not confined to the history books. In the years since the Second World War, Canberrans have regularly enlisted in the navy, army and air force, maintaining a proud tradition that continues to this day in both war and peacekeeping.

As ever, these modern-day stories, whether heart-warming or heart-breaking, reflect those of previous eras. And the individual experiences of these men and women continue to have lasting effects, both for themselves and for their families.

Looking back over the last 100 years of Canberra’s military history helps us to gain a better understanding the city’s past and present commitments, and to prepare for whatever the future may bring.

Padre Phillip Anderson

Padre Phillip Anderson

Padre Anderson came to Canberra as a child, in 1965.
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Private Ian Layzell and Private Dougal Stewart

Private Ian Layzell and Private Douglas Stewart. PAIU2013/007.20

Townsville-based Dougal Stewart (left) and Canberra-born Ian Layzell were teenagers when they independently joined the Army Reserve straight after high school, in 1999.
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