Hall of Memory

The Hall of Memory, set above the Pool of Reflection, is at the heart of the Australian War Memorial. It can only be reached by walking past the names of the 102,730 men and women who have given their lives in war. Within the Hall of Memory, the First World War is commemorated by the stained-glass windows while the mosaic is dedicated to the memory of the fallen in the Second World War.

Design for the Hall of Memory, mosaic pendentive ART29400

Design for the Hall of Memory, mosaic pendentive

Walter Beaumont was employed by the Australian War Memorial to work under Napier Waller to assist with designs for the Hall of Memory. He produced six pendentive drawings before resigning from the project in 1948 owing to a financial dispute.

Examining the mosaic 042349

Aldo Rossi (left), Severino de Marchi (centre) and Napier Waller, examining the mosaic before the first fixing in the Hall of Memory.