Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station

Canberra was recommended as the new centre for long-distance naval wireless communication as early as 1925. By the late 1930s, construction was well under way on a receiving and transmitting station. The transmitting station was located in the vicinity of Ginninderra Creek, Belconnen, and was more commonly known as Bells. Together with the receiving station, HMAS Harman, Bells formed the most powerful naval wireless base in the British empire and the largest naval or commercial station in the southern hemisphere.

Bells made its first operational transmission on 22 December 1939, and for the duration of the war communicated with merchant and fleet shipping around the world. It continued to operate as a naval transmitting station after the war and was only decommissioned in 2005.

Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station P11039.001