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Bombing up a Lancaster for Wing Commander Douglas Bombing up a Lancaster for Wing Commander Douglas ART26261
Bombing up a Lancaster for Wing Commander Douglas

painted in London, 1944

oil on hardboard 63.4 x 76.2 cm

signed l.r., oil “STELLA/BOWEN”, not dated

Australian War Memorial

acquired under official war art scheme, 1944


About the Education Material

This education material is designed to provide students with insights into key works of art in the exhibition. As with Bowen’s larger body of work, there is an emphasis on individual portraits; however, there are also landscapes, interiors, and what Bowen termed "conversation pieces" or casual group portraits. The material also provides an unique introduction to issues such as portraiture, women artists, autobiography, Europe during the interwar years, Australian servicemen in Britain during the Second World War, and the Bomber Command campaign.

The material has been developed for students in the middle school years, i.e., Years 6 to 10. Many of the selected works of art feature more difficult questions under the heading of Look Again to ensure that there are issues to challenge students of all ages and abilities. The material focuses on key learning areas in Visual Arts and Studies of Society and the Environment.

The education material includes:

The education activities have been designed to achieve the objectives of the "National Profiles" adopted by Australian departments of education in 1994. They can be used by individual students or groups, with or without teacher direction, prior, during or after a visit to the exhibition.

For further information on education programs, contact the Memorial's Education Team

UK2341 UK2341 UK2341
Bowen displays her sketches to some of her sitters, airmen from 466 Squadron based in Yorkshire. 466 Squadron flew Halifax aircraft in Bomber Command.