• Crew - Mid Upper Gunner

    Personal particulars

    Had very good night vision


    The crews primary observer, on the lookout for

    • enemy fighters
    • other bombs getting close

    Manned the turret for the entire trip

    Physical position in plane

    Location of mid upper gunner

    Sat on a seat, in the mid upper gun turret that was little more than a sling,that was disconnected when getting in or out of the turret


    A typical uniform consisted of a helmet, oxygen mask, parachute, boots, shirt, trousers, tie, gloves, a whistle and an escape kit.

    The mid upper gunner and rear gunner would also wear a flying suit as these positions meant that they was exposed to the elements. It was electrically wired and adapted for use under extreme conditions by using a variety of electrically heated linings, gloves and boot liners.

    AWM 045301Seen from the navigator's dome or station near the front of an Avro Lancaster bomber, a wireless air gunner sits manning his guns in the aircraft's mid upper turret during an air raid to the Ruhr Valley in Germany. 45301