Handley Page Halifax

The Halifax had a good reputation and remained a front line bomber until the end of the war. Although the Mk III was an improvement on earlier types, it did not have the outstanding performance of the Lancaster. As a result, Halifax squadrons suffered high casualty rates. Many RAAF aircrew flew in these aircraft including those in 466 and 462 RAAF Squadrons.

Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax B Mk III

Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax B Mk III
Wingspan 31.75 metres
Length 21.36 metres
Engines Four Bristol Hercules XVI radial engines of 1,650 horsepower
Armament Nine .303-inch machine-guns; up to 5,897 kilograms of bombs
Crew Seven

AWM UK1913A Halifax (Mk III) Z5-E bomber aircraft of No. 462 Squadron RAAF, in flight over English farmland. UK1913