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    Title: Concert and Theatre Programs Collection, Second World War, 1939-1945

    Date range of collection: c.1939-2000

    Collection number: Souvenirs 3

    Extent: 2 x archive boxes, 3 oversize items.

    Repository: Australian War Memorial

    Location: Published Collections, Research Centre, Australian War Memorial.


    The Concert and Theatre Programs collection contains hand-drawn and commercially printed programs produced to complement or advertise concerts, plays, musical evenings, recitals, pantomimes and revues. These events were arranged to entertain troops, as well as to raise money, or to mark an occasion like Christmas or New Year. Most programs list the names of cast members. Some contain nominal rolls.

    The professionally produced programs contain advertising and editorial material. The earliest items are from 1939; the latest is dated 2000, but refers to a theatre production with a war theme. The programs were produced in many different countries, including England, Australia, Asia, Middle East and South West Pacific.

    Administrative Information

    Provenance: Items in this collection have been transferred to the Australian War Memorial from 1939 and come from a variety of sources.

    Accruals: The collection continues to be updated.

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    Historical Note

    Theatre programs

    Programs or play bills have long been produced to advertise productions and to serve as a reference for the audience during the show. As a class of document, they have survived in great numbers, as people are naturally inclined to collect mementoes of pleasurable occasions.

    Theatre programs in the Second World War

    Programs in this collection include both amateur and professional productions, and give an indication of the shows and concerts a soldier may have attended for entertainment whilst on leave or at the front, in a prisoner of war camp or travelling on a troopship. They document the history of the performing arts, especially theatre, dance, opera, musical theatre, comedy and popular entertainments such as cinema, radio broadcasts, pantomime, ventriloquism, puppetry, juggling, female impersonation, acrobatics and music in the Second World War.

    Entertainment in the armed forces in the Second World War

    Almost immediately after the outbreak of the Second World War the Australian Army Amenities Service hastily mobilised travelling Cinema Units to screen popular 'flicks' of the day to Australian troops wherever they were stationed. Soon after in November 1939, the first Concert Party, the 6th Division Concert Party was formed. Other Divisional and Unit Concert Parties soon followed providing entertainment for the troops under the control and guidance of the Australian Armies Amenities Service. It was almost the end of the war, 1945, before the official order came through designating them as the 1st Australian Entertainment Unit. By the end of the war over twenty Concert Parties of the 1st Australian Entertainment Unit had toured in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and New Guinea giving more than 12,000 performances to Australian and Allied Forces, relieving the tedium of hours off duty. Amongst the Australian talent which featured in their shows were George Wallace, Michael Pate, Gladys Moncrieff, Bebe Scott, Jenny Howard, and Colin Croft. Perhaps one of the most famous Second World War Concert Parties was the Changi Prisoner of War, 8th Division Concert Party, which was formed only two days after the POW's arrived at Selarang barracks. The first show was a simple variety show in which anyone who wanted could get up and perform. Soon after, the Japanese gave permission for a permanent Concert Party of 30 men to be set up. These men spent three years of their captivity putting on shows for their fellow POW's. There was a new show every two weeks, and over the years they included variety shows, musical dramas, pantomime and serious drama. On top of that, a 30-piece orchestra could be heard every Sunday evening. For three years it was the only entertainment on Singapore Island. Numerous other groups and organisations also provided organised entertainment for the troops during the Second World War including: 1 Mobile Entertainment Party, RAAF; Australian Army Education Service; and the British Entertainers National Service Association (ENSA).


    Pate, Michael (1986), An entertaining war, Dreamweaver Books, Sydney.

    Tullipan, Ray and De Grey, Slim (1947), Changi souvenir song book [music]: a selection of musical numbers created by Ray Tullipan and Slim de Grey at Changi and presented to the thousands of Allied prisoners of war by the AIF (Eighth Division) Concert Party, Clifford Whitelocke, New South Wales.

    Scope and Content

    Using the collection: This collection consists of two archive boxes, and two oversized items. There are nine series in this collection which are arranged by format. Within each series, items have been given running numbers, rather than being organised chronologically.

Series List:

Series 1: Ships Concerts, 1939 - 1945

Description:  This series contains programs for concerts, plays and revues performed at sea by concert parties or troops, or members of the ship's company, or on land by ship's bands or concert parties.

The programs vary in size and quality, from one page typed sheets, some with hand done illustrations, to multi-page, professionally printed items. Some contain lists of names, many are autographed. A number of items are not dated.

Subseries 1: Ships, name known, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description Box
1/1/1 SS Awatea, August 1941. Box 1
1/1/2 HMAS Cerberus, 18 November 1942 Box 1
1/1/3 Empress of Russia, 1 January 1941. Box 1
1/1/4 HMAS Kanimbla, 30 September 1944. Box 1
1/1/5 MV Manunda, 2/1st Hospital Ship, 25 November 1940. Box 1
1/1/6 MV Manunda, 2/1st Hospital Ship, 22 March 1941 (2 copies). Box 1
1/1/7 Queen Mary, May 1940. Box 1
1/1/8 Queen Mary, May-June 1940. Box 1
1/1/9 Queen Mary, 20 October-November 1940. Box 1
1/1/10 Queen Mary, 20 November 1941. Box 1
1/1/11 HMS Speaker, September 7 1945. Box 1
1/1/12 Stratheden, 1940. Box 1
1/1/13 USAT Taskor H Bliss 4 July. Box 1
1/1/14 S.S. Umgeni Box 1
1/1/15 HMS "Bee" presents "Cinderella" by J.B Coleman 18th December to 21st December. Box 1
1/1/16 MV Manunda, “The Manunda Merrymakers: in an orgy of song and dance”. Box 1


Subseries 2: Ships, name unknown, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description  Box 
1/2/1 “Rolling Home”, Program for a performance on one of the convoy of ships that left Massawa on 4 February 1943 to take the 9th Division back to Australia, February 1943, signed by General Morshead and others. Box 1
1/2/2 "High C's on the High Seas", 16 February 1943. Box 1
1/2/3 The Cornwall Cradle Snatchers present "The Rabbit Revue", 19 March 1943. Box 1
1/2/4 Farewell concert by the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion AIF Concert Party, at Sea, 1 May 1941, including list of Officers and Ship’s Staff (4 items). Box 1
1/2/5 Farewell concert by the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion AIF Concert Party, at Sea, 1 May 1941 Box 1


Series 2: Theatre programs, 1939 - 1945

Description: This series contains programs for plays (tragedy and comedy) variety shows, concerts, operas and operettas performed in theatres which were, in most cases, commercially owned and operated. The performances were not done specifically for troops, but would have been attended by them.

Subseries 1: London, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description  Box
2/1/1 Adelphi Theatre: "Anglo-Russian Merry-Go-Round" (variety). Box 1
2/1/2 Coliseum: "Humpty Dumpty" (pantomime). Box 1
2/1/3 His Majesty's Theatre: "The lilac domino" (play). Box 1
2/1/4 The Palladium: "Happy and glorious" (variety) (2 items). Box 1
2/1/5 Piccadilly Theatre: "Panama Hattie" (musical). Box 1
2/1/6 The Playhouse: "Desert Highway" (play). Box 1
2/1/7 Princes Theatre: "Madame Butterfly" Production by "The Sadler's Wells Opera" (opera) (2 copies). Box 1
2/1/8 Saville Theatre: "Junior Miss" (comedy). Box 1
2/1/9 Stoll Theatre: "The Lisbon story" (play) (2 copies), including ticket for Friday performance. Box 1
2/1/10 "Hi-de-Hi" (variety). Box 1
2/1/11 Strand Theatre: "Arsenic and old lace" (play). Box 1
2/1/12 Whitehall Theatre: "Peek-a-Boo". Box 1
2/1/13 Whitehall Theatre: "Good night Ladies" (variety). Box 1
2/1/14 Windmill Theatre: "Revudeville", 172 Edition (variety) . Box 1
2/1/15 Windmill Theatre: "Revudeville", 178 Edition (variety). Box 1
2/1/16 Windmill Theatre: "Revudeville", 179 Edition (2 copies) (variety). Box 1


Subseries 2: Other places in the United Kingdom, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description Box
2/2/1 Birmingham Hippodrome: "Clap hands and smile" (variety). Box 1
2/2/2 Birmingham Hippodrome: "Madhatters of 1944" (variety). Box 1
2/2/3 Birmingham Theatre Royal: "By Jupiter" (play). Box 1
2/2/4 Palace Variety Theatre, Blackpool (variety). Box 1
2/2/5 Brighton Hippodrome, Brighton (variety) (2 copies). Box 1
2/2/6 The Grand Theatre, Brighton: "Victory  Spangles" (variety). Box 1
2/2/7 Feldman's Theatre, Blackpool: "Fun and dames of 1944" (variety). Box 1
2/2/8 The New Theatre, Cardiff: "Serenade to fun" (variety). Box 1
2/2/9 The New Theatre, Cardiff: "Billy Cotton and his band". Box 1
2/2/10 The Palace, Grimsby: "Victory spangles" (variety). Box 1
2/2/11 Manchester Hippodrome: "Serenade to fun" (variety). Box 1


Subseries 3: Gibraltar, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description Box
2/3/1 84 GCC Dramatic Society: "White Cargo" (play). Box 1
2/3/2 Garrison Theatre: "Grand Charity Concert" (variety). Box 1
2/3/3 Garrison Theatre: "Babes in the wood" (play). Box 1
2/3/4 North Front Players: "Murder without crime" (play). Box 1
2/3/5 Royal Engineer Hall: "Flare Path" (play). Box 1
2/3/6 Royal Engineer Theatre: "Love from a stranger" (play). Box 1
2/3/7 Royal Engineer Theatre: "The wind and the rain" (play). Box 1
2/3/8 Royal Engineer Theatre: "Winterset" (play). Box 1
2/3/9 Theatre Royal: "Damsel in distress" (comedy). Box 1
2/3/10 Theatre Royal: "Alf's button on the rock (burlesque). Box 1
2/3/11 Theatre Royal: "George and Margaret" (comedy). Box 1
2/3/12 Theatre Royal: "Iolanthe" (operetta). Box 1
2/3/13 Theatre Royal: "Merry-go-round" (revue). Box 1
2/3/14 Theatre Royal: "Merry-go-round, 2nd edition" (revue)". Box 1
2/3/15 Theatre Royal: The Shining hour" (play). Box 1

Subseries 4: Other places around the world, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description  Box 
2/4/1 Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe, New York: "Victory" (variety). Box 1
2/4/2 Carnegie Hall, New York: "The Philadelphia Orchestra" (concert). Box 1
2/4/3 Carnegie Hall, New York: "The Philadelphia Orchestra" (concert). Box 1
2/4/4 Carnegie Hall, New York: "The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York" (concert). Box 1
2/4/5 Carnegie Hall, New York: "The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York" (concert). Box 1
2/4/6 Center Theatre, New York: "Hats Off To Ice" (musical). Box 1
2/4/7 Center Theatre, New York: "Hats Off To Ice" (musical). Box 1
2/4/8 The Forty-Fourth Street Theatre, New York: "Rosalinda" (musical). Box 1
2/4/9 Grand Theatre, Calgary, 4 November 1943: "Recital by Yehudi Menuhin". Box 1
2/4/10 Metropolitan Opera House, New York: "Lohengrin" (opera). Box 1
2/4/11 Metropolitan Opera House, New York: "Lucia Di Lammermoor" (opera). Box 1
2/4/12 The Music Box, New York: "I Remember Mama" (play). Box 1
2/4/13 The Pleasure Time Theatre, New York: "Chesterfield presents Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians in Pleasure Time (concert). Box 1
2/4/14 Royal Opera House, Cairo: April 1945, Ticket. Box 1
2/4/15 Teatro Alighieri, Ravenna: "Concerto Vocale e Instrumentale" (opera). Box 1
2/4/16 Teatro Reale Dell’ Opera, Roma: "La Traviata" (opera). Box 1
2/4/17 Verdi Theatre, Florence: "La Boheme" (opera). Box 1
2/4/18 The Winter Garden, New York: "Laffing Room Only" (musical). Box 1

Table of contents

Series 3: Broadcasts, 1939 - 1945

Description: This series contains programs and advertisements for broadcasts made to troops.

Subseries 1: Programs, 1939 - 1945

Item number Title/Description  Box
3/1/1 Australian Army Education Service, 6 February 1945 (2 items) Box 1
3/1/2 Broadcasts in English audible in Malaysia (4 items). Box 1
3/1/3 Commonwealth Government of Australia Presents “The Victory Show”. Box 1
3/1/4 Typed transcripts of sessions on Radio Baloney by "Smiler, “Maurice Kingston, at Merauke between May and October 1944 (9 items). Box 1

Table of contents

Series 4: Cinema, 1939 - 1945

Description: The items in this series are varied, and include programs, tickets and advertising material. Not all the items have dates on them, though they can be guessed at. The material comes from the Middle East, Australia, the South West Pacific area and the United Kingdom.

Subseries 1: Cinema programs and other information

Item number Title/Description  Box 
4/1/1 "We of the AIF: the story of the film", A Souvenir (2 copies). Box 1
4/1/2 “Attack: the battle for New Britain" and supporting features advertisement (2 items). Box 1
4/1/3 “Cinemachatter”, Capitol and Civic Theatres, Canberra, Program for fortnight ending 4 September 1944. Box 1
4/1/4 The Capitol Cinema, United Film Service, Palestine. Box 1
4/1/5 Cinema Rio, Aley. Box 1
4/1/6 Daylight screen made for movies. Box 1
4/1/7 Garden Cinema, Kantara East,  7 to 13 July 1941. Box 1
4/1/8 Garden Cinema, Kantara East, 21 to 27 July 1941. Box 1
4/1/9 “Broadway Melody of 1940”, Garden Cinema at the Empire, Cairo, 6 to 12 August 1941. Box 1
4/1/10 “Joy of Living”, Garden Cinema at the Empire, Cairo, 13 to 19 August 1941. Box 1
4/1/11 Garrison Cinema, United Film Service (Palestine) Ltd. Tel-Aviv, 22 to 28 September 1940. Box 1
4/1/12 “Arunta De Luxe Theatre Cinema Programme”, HMAS Arunta, 1945 (5 items). Box 1
4/1/13 "State Fair", Regent, Brighton, 1945. Box 1
4/1/14 “North Sea”, AAES Talkies, Murray Barracks. Box 1
4/1/15 Application for special programme of films, Ministry of Information Mobile Film Units. Box 1
4/1/16 Ministry of Information film shows. Box 1
4/1/17 "Medicine and Surgery", Ministry of Information Film Service. Box 1
4/1/18 Permit to enter coastal defences (Larrakeyah) to attend Picture Entertainment only. Box 1
4/1/19 Ticket from Groppi. Box 1
4/1/20 Ticket from United Cinemas. Box 1


Series 5: Concerts, non-theatrical venues, 1939-1945

Description: This series contains programs for concerts performed in music halls as opposed to commercial theatres. The performances were not done specifically for troops, but would have been attended by them.

Subseries 1: Programs

Item number Title/Description  Box
5/1/1 "Army welfare present Allanova Ballet". Box 1
5/1/2 "The Barber of Saville", Army Welfare Services. Box 1
5/1/3 "Sophie's Concert Party" presented by the Aust Army Education Service at YMCA Wayside Inn. 1 Jan 1946. Box 1
5/1/4 "At Home" presented by the mayor and mayoress of South Melbourne 15 July 1941. Ticket and Programme. Box 1
5/1/5 Radio City Music Hall: "Program", May 1943. Box 1
5/1/6 Royal Albert Hall: “Grand Concert in Aid of The Association of Friends of the French Volunteers”, 4 April 1943. Box 1
5/1/7 Royal Albert Hall: “Harold Holt Sunday Concerts”, The National Symphony Orchestra, 2 April 1944. Box 1
5/1/8 Royal Albert Hall: “Harold Holt Sunday Concerts”, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, 10 December 1944. Box 1
5/1/9 Royal Albert Hall: “Harold Holt Sunday Concerts”, The BBC Symphony Orchestra, 11 February 1945. Box 1
5/1/10 Royal Albert Hall: “Harold Holt Sunday Concerts”, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, 13 May 1945. Box 1
5/1/11 Programme of Anzac Day Farewell Concert,  Cheer up Society Inc. 25 April 1946. Box 1


Series 6: Performances for and by troops, 1939 - 1945

Description: This series contains performances put on for the benefit of troops around the world. It includes amateur and professional productions, those done by or presented by groups like the Australian Army Amenities Service and the British Entertainers National Service Association (ENSA), as well as by divisional concert parties, and groups established within individual units. It has been divided up either by the group or organisation which was responsible for the show, or by the place where the show was held.

Subseries 1: Performed by Australian Army Amenities Service, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description Box
6/1/1 Hand drawn and colored poster for "All in Fun", Beit Jirja, Palestine, 1941. Oversize
6/1/2 “All in Fun”, Beit Jirja, Palestine, 16 Dec 1941 (3 copies). Box 1
6/1/3 Invitation to “All in Fun” Opening Night. Box 1
6/1/4 “All in Fun”, March 1942 (2 copies). Box 1
6/1/5 “The Troupers”, Beit Jirja, Palestine, 17 Oct. Box 1
6/1/6 “The Chinese Syncopators/Three Blind Mice”, H.Q. Gaza, 30 Sept. Box 1
6/1/7 "Gracie Fields Souvenir Programme", Labuan, Borneo, 27 Aug 1945 (8 copies). Box 1
6/1/8 Light Symphony Concert by the Palestine Orchestra, Kilo 89, Palestine. Box 1
6/1/9 “The Troupers”, Kfar Vitkin, Palestine, 21 Aug. Box 1
6/1/10 HQ Guard Bn Band and selected programme of Australian Gazettes, Nuseirat, Palestine, 31 Oct. Box 1

Subseries 2: Performed by American units, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description  Box 
6/2/1 "M1MADCAPS” presented by 1st Cavalry Division Soldier Show. Box 1
6/2/2 “This is the Army" by Irving Berlin, presented by The United States Army, 1945 (2 copies). Box 1
6/2/3 “The Seventh Symphony Concert”, The Manila Symphony Orchestra, Rex Theatre Manila, 18 to 21 September 1945. Box 1

Subseries 3: Held in Australia, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description  Box 
6/3/1 AA Amenities Service, "Aussies on Parade", Ballarat. Box 1
6/3/2 13 AAOD, "A Stormy Review: Limbs of Satan in Birth of Mirth", Rocky Creek Theatre. Box 1
6/3/3 AIF 2/2 Pioneer's Concert, Casterton, 19 November 1940. Box 1
6/3/4 AIF 2/2 Pioneer's Concert, no place or date, (2 copies: one pink and one blue). Box 1
6/3/5 2/2 Pioneer Battalion, A.I.F. Band and Concert Party, Grant Concert, Plaza Theatre, Frankston, 9 March 1941. Box 1
6/3/6 The Allied Works Council, "A Tivoli Show", Melbourne and Sydney. Box 1
6/3/7 "Nothing But the Truth: A Farce in Three Acts", presented by H.M.A. Naval W/T Stations Canberra, Albert Hall, Canberra, 1 March 1944. Box 1
6/3/8 American Servicemen presents "Yankee Doodle Dinkies", His Majesty’s Theatre, 21 March 1943. Box 1
6/3/9 AWS, "Scenes of the Nativity", 23 December 1943 [Melbourne]. Box 1
6/3/10 "Bedomme park concert party", 3 Australian Ordnance Vehicle Park, North Ryde, 6 June 1944. Box 1
6/3/11 "Bonegilla Belles", Bonegilla. Box 1
6/3/12 CUSA Concert and Coronation Ceremony, Sydney Town Hall, 24 July 1941. Box 1
6/3/13 Darwin Revue Company, "Blue Horizon", 30 December [1944]. Box 1
6/3/14 "Programme of music by the band of H.M.A.S. Australia", 3 February 1935. Box 1
6/3/15 Lord Mayor's Queen Carnival Appeal, Melbourne, 20 March 1941. Box 1
6/3/16 “Come on let’s see you smile”, North Western Area, Headquarters, Concert, 6 September 1944. Box 1
6/3/17 "A Night with the Stars", Prince Edward Theatre, 28 March 1943". Box 1
6/3/18 RSSAILA, "An Armoured Unit Concert Party",  Capitol Theatre, Perth, 1 August 1943 [signed by members of the concert party] (2 copies). Box 1
6/3/19 "Souvenir programme", Christmas dinner at the Cheer Up Hut to all service men, Adelaide, 1944. Box 1
6/3/20 Sportsmen’s Council, "An Armoured Unit Concert Party", Capitol Theatre, Perth, 19 March 1944. Box 1
6/3/21 “A Recital” by Godfrey Stirling, Concert Hall, History House, Sydney, 7 March 1942. Box 1
6/3/22 "The Tin Alley Players present their black-out Diversion at the Melbourne University Union House theatre in aid of the Red Cross Prisoners of War Fund and the Union Appeal Fund", 10-12 April, 1942. Box 1
6/3/23 Song from "Tropic Revue", no date or author. Box 1
6/3/24 “War Funds Concert”, Shore School, July and August 1944. Box 1
6/3/25 “Evening Entertainment of Musical Items and Talkie Features” presented by Women's Air Training Corps Associates at the 7HT Theatrette, Elizabeth and Melville streets, Thursday, 16th April, 1942. Box 1
6/3/26 "Camp Pie", presented by the Welfare Committee, Headquarters North West Area, 27 April 1944. Box 1
6/3/27 "I'll leave it to you", Western Suburbs Hard Court Tennis Association, Town Hall, Ashfield, 8 July 1941. Box 1

Subseries 4: Performed by Australian Army units, c.1939-1945

Item number Title/Description   Box
6/4/1 "A Christmas play", Army Women's Service, Toorak, 1945. Box 1
6/4/2 "Two gents of Soho", 2 Australian Convalescent Depot, France, March 1943. Box 1
6/4/3 Farewell concert, 2/2 Pioneer Battalion AIF Concert Party, 1 May 1941. Box 1
6/4/4 "Let’s go places", 2/5 and 2/1 Australian General Hospitals, New Guinea, 3 December 1943. Box 1
6/4/5 Enjoyment of music club, 2/7 Australian Field Ambulance, March 1944 (3 items). Box 1
6/4/6 Enjoyment of music club, 2/7 Australian Field Ambulance, April 1944. Box 1
6/4/7 "The Big ... Broadcast of 1943", 2/17 Australian Light Anti Aircraft Battery (Airborne) concert party, November 1943. Box 1
6/4/8 "Dick Whittington and his cat", 3 Australian Motor Transport Training Depot, 26 December 1943. Box 1
6/4/9 Concert, 4 Anti Tank Regiment AIF, Puckapunyal, Victoria, 14 May 1941. Box 1
6/4/10 6 Australian Division Concert Party, "Aussies on Parade", 3 September (no year). Box 1
6/4/11 "Tobruk varieties of 1941", 9 Australian Division, Petrol Company Workshop, 24 September 1941. Box 1
6/4/12 “Programme of a Concert Given in Tobruk”, 9 Australian Division, Petrol Company Workshop, Tobruk, 21 August 1941. Box 1
6/4/13 18th Battalion concert Party, 29th October 1939. Box 1
6/4/14 “The Fortress Fairies”, 24 Battalion 2 AIF, Tobruk, 11 October 1941. Box 1
6/4/15 "Pacific Revue", 58/59 Battalion AIF, Victoria Park, 10 March 1945. Box 1
6/4/16 Programme of one-act plays, 106 Australian General Hospital, 23 October 1944. Box 1
6/4/17 "This and That Revue", 106 Australian General Hospital, April 1945. Box 1
6/4/18 Variety programme, 114 Australian General Hospital, Kenmore, Goulburn, 17 June 1942. Box 1
6/4/19 “Olivet to Calvary", LHQ Choir, 4 April 1944. Box 1
6/4/20 "Kriegie Kocktail", Empire Theatre, September 1944. Box 1
6/4/21 "1942 Xmas Spree". Box 1

Subseries 5: Performed by British units, 1944-1945

Item number Title/Description Box
6/5/1 "Come and get it!", Royal Corps of Signals,  [1944]. Box 2
6/5/2 "This is the Air Force", RAF Station, Silloth, Concert Party, 6 and 7 November 1944. Box 2
6/5/3 "The British Commonwealth of Nations", RAF Station, Heliopolis, 8 October 1945. Box 2
6/5/4 "Skellingthorpe Fare", RAF Station, Skellingthorpe, England [date unknown] Box 2

Subseries 6: Performed by Entertainers National Service Association (ENSA), c.1944-1945

Item number Title/Description  Box
6/6/1 "Boomerangs", ENSA Entertainments, Garrison Theatre, Cairo. Box 2
6/6/2 "The Merry Widow', ENSA Entertainments, Cairo, [1944]. Box 2
6/6/3 "Songs and Arias Recital", Klagenfurt Symphony Orchestra under direction of ENSA, Klagenfurt, 14 September 1945. Box 2
6/6/4 "Staff Social Dance Cabaret", ENSA, January 19 1945. Box 2
6/6/5 "Symphony Concert", Klagenfurt Symphony Orchestra under direction of ENSA, Klagenfurt, 31 October and 7 November 1945. Box 2
6/6/6 "'Blithe Spirt' An Improbable Farce in Three Acts" by Noel Coward with Leueen MacGrath and Ambrosine Phillpotts, ENSA Entertainments for H.M. Forces, presented by H. M. Tennent Limited. Box 2

Subseries 7: Held in Malaya and British Borneo, 1939-1945

Brigadier Eastick, Commander of Kuching Force, took the surrender of Major General H. Yamamura or 11 September 1945. Later that day, Kuching Force, including the 2/12 Australian Field Ambulance, landed at Kuching. There were celebrations on 22 and 26 September, and the 6 and 10 of October. This collection includes programs from both September performances, though does not include anything relating to the march past that was held on 26 September. Likewise, it does not contain any programs from the Chinese led celebrations which ran for 3 days from 10 October, and were attended by Brigadier Eastick and others.

Item number Title/Description  Box 
6/7/1 "The Diggers Revue', Kuala Lumpur, 24 May 1941 (2 copies). Box 2
6/7/2 "The Diggers Show", AIF Concert Party, Malaya, 1941. Box 2
6/7/3 "Evening Concert", Civilian General Hospital, Kuching, 6 October 1945. Box 2
6/7/4 "A Gala Performance Birthday Celebration of H. H. Sir Charles Vyner Brooke, G.C.M.G., Rajah of Sarawak", Kuching, 26 September 1945 (3 items). Box 2
6/7/5 "Grand Victory Concert, British Military Camp", Kuching, 1945. Box 2
6/7/6 "Victory Concert", 2/12 Australian Field Ambulance, Kuching, 22 September 1945. Box 2
6/7/7 "A Victory Revue", Presented by the combined efforts of the Army and Air Force on Tarakan, 25 August 1945 Box 2

Subseries 8: Held in the Middle East, 1940-1942

Item number Title/Description Box 
6/8/1 7 Division Band Contest Programme, Deir Suneid, 9 March 1941. Box 2
6/8/2 John Henry Sax and his Melody Masters, Beit Jirja, 25 August [1941]. Box 2
6/8/3 Music for all, Sharia Maarouf, Cairo, 1942. Box 2
6/8/4 The Palestine Orchestra, Garrison Cinema, Gaza Ridge, Symphony Concert, 28 July 1940. Box 2
6/8/5 The Palestine Orchestra, Garrison Cinema, Kilo 89, Symphony Concert, 27 July 1941. Box 2
6/8/6 Programme: Tel Aviv Hospitality Committee, 26 December 1941. Box 2
6/8/7 Ticket: Tel Aviv Hospitality Committee, Christmas party and ball, Mograbi Theatre, 1941. Box 2

Subseries 9: Performed by New Zealand units, c.1939-c.1945

Item number Title/Description Box
6/9/1 Band of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, Souvenir program, 1945 Box 2
6/9/2 Concert programme R.A.A.F, A.N.Z.A.F, N.Z.F.D [cover only]. Box 2

Subseries 10: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description Box 
6/10/1 Fairbairn RAAFians present "It's in the air", Albert Hall, 11 September 1943. Box 2
6/10/2 Grand Concert. Box 2
6/10/3 Moresby Microbes present "The Jubilee Concert" R.A.A.F. Recreation Hut, Konedobu, 28 April 1943. Box 2
6/10/4 No. 77 Squadron's Concert Party programme for "Flying High" - Milne Bay. Box 2
6/10/5 Royal Australian Air Force Variety Recital, Albert Hall, Canberra, 26 July 1944. Box 2
6/10/6 RAAF Entertainments Committee present "Red Hot and Blue", 7 Stores Depot, Toowoomba, Queensland. Box 2
6/10/7 RAAF Revels, No. 1 Flying School, Ballarat, 27 and 28 July 1943. Box 2
6/10/8 RAAF and WAAF School of Administration 28 Course, Pass Out Concert, 28 January 1943. Programme. Box 2
6/10/9 RAAF School of Administration Trinity College, Passing Out Concert, Melba Hall, Passing Out Concert, April 1942. Programme (2 copies). Box 2
6/10/10 Ray Hatton's 5 A.D. Swing Band Box 2
6/10/11 [Programme] Box 2
6/10/12 [Song sheet] Box 2

Subseries 11: Royal Australian Navy (RAN), 1939-1945 

Item number Title/Description Box
(Nil) (Nil) (Nil)

Subseries 12: South West Pacific Area and New Guinea, 1939-1945 

Item number Title/Description  Box 
6/12/1 "Army 50/50 show", Allied Forces in New Guinea (2 copies). Box 2
6/12/2 "The Bogey Villains", Bougainville, June 11 1945. Box 2
6/12/3 "Broadway Bougainville", Souvenir Programme, 1945, presented by the 7 Aust. Army Troops Coy. RAE AIF and the 7 Aust. Field Coy. RAE AIF. Box 2
6/12/4 St. John on the Hill, Port Moresby, 26 December 1943. Box 2
6/12/5 “The Romantics”, Music on the Hill, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 9 May 1944. Box 2
6/12/6 “Schubert & Beethoven Symphonies”, Music on the Hill, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 23 May 1944. Box 2
6/12/7 “Music on the Hill”, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 6 June 1944. Box 2
6/12/8 “Music on the Hill”, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 1 August 1944. Box 2
6/12/9 “Music on the Hill”, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 15 August 1944. Box 2
6/12/10 “Music on the Hill”, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 29 August 1944. Box 2
6/12/11 “St John’s on the Hill”, Music on the Hill, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 12 September 1944. Box 2
6/12/12 “Music on the Hill”, St John’s Church, Port Moresby, 26 September 1944. Box 2
6/12/13 Programme: "The Edamen Playhouse Presents", Solomon Islands,1945. Box 2
6/12/14 Membership Card: Edamen Little Theatre Group, addressed to Guy Warren. Box 2
6/12/15 Programme from South Pacific Playground's performance of "Jungle Jitters" at Troppo Terrace. Box 2
6/12/16 The Revue "P'Army Daze". 11th Aust.Div. Concert Party, Sunday 11th April, 1943, New Guinea premiere. Box 2
6/12/17 Programme, [Sunnyside Up]. Box 2
6/12/18 “Grand Final of ‘Guinea Gold’s’ Melody Parade”, Port Moresby, 29 July 1943. Box 2
6/12/19 "A Victory Revue", featuring Miss Gracie Fields, Tarakan, 25 August 1945 (3 copies). Box 2
6/12/20 Miss Gracie Fields, Boomerang Theatre, Morotai, 29 and 30 August 1945 (4 items). Box 2
6/12/21 "Gracie Fields and Seventh Australian Division Revue", Balikpapan, Borneo, 26 August 1945 Box 2


Series 7: Prisoners of War and internment camp entertainments, 1939-1945

Description: This series contains performances put on by Australian and allied prisoners of war interned in camps across Europe and Asia, particularly German and Japanese camps. The relative permanence of the camps enabled facilities which required systematic organisation, such as educational courses, sports, productions of camp newsletters and entertainments like concert and theatre programs.

Subseries 1: Prisoners in Europe, 1939-1945

Item number Title/Description Box
7/1/1 [Dulag] "Souvenir POW entertainment committee", Bolzano, Italy, 1941. Oversize Souvenir
7/1/2 [Oflag 7B] "The music festival", Eichstatt, February 1944. Box 2
7/1/3 [Staglag 13C] "The London Casino", Hammelburg Om Main, Bavaria, 7th  August, 1943 (2 copies). Box 2
7/1/4 [Stalag 20A] "To and Fro", date unknown. Illustrated by Gordon Charles "Don" Mould. Box 2
7/1/5 [Stalag 20A] "Revue in Camera", date unknown. Illustrated by Gordon Charles "Don" Mould. Box 2
7/1/6 [Stalag 20A] "3 Plays", October 1942. Illustrated by Gordon Charles "Don" Mould. Box 2
7/1/7 [Stalag 20A] "Someone at the door", June 1943. Illustrated by Gordon Charles "Don" Mould. Box 2
7/1/8 [Stalag 20A] "French leave: a light comedy, August 1943. Illustrated by Gordon Charles "Don" Mould. Box 2
7/1/9 [Stalag 20B] "A Concert by the Military Band", October 1942. Box 2
7/1/10 [Stalag Luft 1] "Concert of Light Classical Music", 10 to 14 April 1945. Box 2
7/1/11 [Stalag 383] "Programme, Australian Concert Party", Hohenfels, Bavaria, 26 June 1943. Box 2
7/1/12 [Stalag 383] "Souvenir programme, HMS Pinafore", The Ofladium Stalag 383, July 1943 (2 items). Box 2
7/1/13 [Stalag 383] "It pays to advertise", The Ofladium Theatre, Stalag 383, November 1943. Box 2
7/1/14 [Stalag 383] "Stalag 383, 1943, Christmas Entertainment Donation Certificate", Ofladium Theatre, 1943. Box 2
7/1/15 [Stalag 383] "Souvenir Programme, Stalag 383, Germany, Christmas 1943" (3 items). Box 2

Subseries 2: Prisoners of the Japanese, 1939-1945

File 1: Performances in Japanese controlled Prisoner of War Camps excluding Changi

Item number Title/Description Box
7/2/1/1 [Adam Park, Singapore] "Khaki on parade: a variety show", August 1942 (2 items). Box 2
7/2/1/2 [Adam Park, Singapore] Let's have a party: a review", October 1942. Box 2
7/2/1/3 [Adam Park, Singapore] "Pot Pourri of rhythm: a variety show", June 1943. Box 2
7/2/1/4 [Chosen, Korea] "New stitches", Christmas Day 1943. Box 2
7/2/1/5 [Chosen, Korea] "Chosen calling". Box 2
7/2/1/6 [Chosen, Korea] "Chosen calling again". Box 2
7/2/1/7 [Chosen, Korea] "The Pro-Optimists present the Curate's Egg", Christmas, 1944. Box 2
7/2/1/8 [Nakom Nai, Thailand] "Hold that Thaiger!", August 1945. Oversize Souvenir
7/2/1/9 [Pelembang, Sumatra] "Camp Choral Society, Two Concerts on the 24th and 31st October", 1942. Box 2
7/2/1/10 [Unknown] "In the bag", 17 September 1942. Box 2
7/2/1/11 [Unknown] "Programme Concert". Box 2
7/2/1/12 [Unknown] "Cinderella: a Christmas extravaganza", 1942. Box 2

File 2: Performances in Changi Prisoner of War Camp

Programs from Changi for plays, revues and musical evenings, all of which have been hand illustrated in colour.

Item number Title/Description Box
7/2/2/1 "2nd anniversary show", March 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/2 "The 5 moods", June 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/3 "The Admiral Dyeton", February 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/4 "All at sea", April 1944 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/5 "All This and Heaven Too", 20 August 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/6 "All this and Heaven Too!” October 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/7 "Androcles and the Lion", March 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/8 "Arms and the Man", May-June 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/9 "Audition", March 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/10 "Autumn Crocus", October 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/11 "Badgers Green", March 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/12 "Big House Blues", June 1944 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/13 "A Bill of Variety". Oversize
7/2/2/14 "Bits and Pieces", 1944 (3 items). Oversize
7/2/2/15 "Coo-ees Birthday Show", March 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/16 "Dancing Tears: a Musical Revue", April 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/17 "Dick Whittington and his Cat", Christmas, 1943 (2 items) Oversize
7/2/2/18 "Dover Road", April 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/19 "The Dream", August 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/20 "Easter Parade", Easter 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/21 "Everybody Swing", August 1943 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/22 "Fun and Games", June 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/23 "Fan Fare", August 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/24 "The Fleets In: a Naval Revue", October 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/25 "Gipsy Serenade", November 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/26 "Good Morning Bill", February 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/27 "Grin and bear it", Changi, Christmas 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/28 "Hay Fever", January 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/29 "He Came Back", June 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/30 "I Killed the Count", April 1943 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/31 "I'll Take You", May 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/32 "In the News", August 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/33 "Jack and the Beanstalk", Xmas 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/34 "Journey's End", February 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/35 "Jupiter Laughs", March 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/36 "Love Laughs", July 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/37 "The Little Admiral", August 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/38 "Love on the Dole", March 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/39 "Max Revels", May 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/40 "Midsummer Follies", June 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/41 "A Murder Has Been Arranged", December 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/42 "Music Hall", February 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/43 "Music Through the Years", March 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/44 "New Pins and Needles", July-August 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/45 "The New World Inn", July 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/46 "On the Spot", April 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/47 "Outward Bound", October 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/48 "Pass the Nuts", August 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/49 "A Programme of Variety featuring the A.I.F Concert Party", July 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/50 "A Promenade Concert", September 1942. Oversize
7/2/2/51 "Pygmalion", 21 February 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/52 "RASC club night", November 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/53 "Road Show Musical Edition", July 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/54 "Road Show on Tour", August 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/55 "Roman Rackets". Oversize
7/2/2/56 "Second Anniversary Show", March 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/57 "Shootin' High", 10 February 1944 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/58 "The Show Goes On", April 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/59 "Speakeasy", September 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/60 "Stardust: A Musical Revue 1900-44", March 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/61 "A Sunday Evening Concert", September 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/62 "Suspect", May 1944. Oversize
7/2/2/63 "Sweet and hot", January 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/64 "The time of your life", October 1943 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/65 "Tonight at 8.30", February 1945. Oversize
7/2/2/66 "Twinkletoes: a Christmas panto", 1944 (2 items). Oversize
7/2/2/67 "A Variety Show", June 1943. Oversize
7/2/2/68 "A Ward Concert", February 1943. Oversize

File 3: Performances in Changi Civilian Internment Camp

Item number Title/Description Box
7/2/3/1 "Bandwagon".



7/2/3/2 "Epigram", transcribed poem. Oversize
7/2/3/3 "Excellites in Non-Stop Variety", 1942 Oversize
7/2/3/4 "Hey Presto", May 1942. Oversize
7/2/3/5 "Lao_Tse" and "The Red Cockatoo", two poems transcribed. Oversize

Subseries 3: Internees in Australia, 1939-1945

The subseries contains programs for concerts and plays, as well as pieces of prose, some poems and songs, and a small number of blank forms. Most of the material is written in German with illustrations and comes from the German internment camp at Tatura, Victoria.

Item number Title/Description  Box  

“Bunbury (Die Wichtigkeit Ernst zu sein)”.

Program for performance of “Bunbury (Die Wichtigkeit Ernst zu sein)”.
Box 2

“1. Chor-Konzert des Deautschen-Männergesangvereins”.

Program for performance of “1. Chor-Konzert des Deautschen-Männergesanguereins Internierungslager-Tatura (Austrl)”, 21June 1941 (2 items).
Box 2

“Der Zerbrochene Krug”.

Program for performance of “Der Zerbrochene Krug”, Camp Theatre, Tatura.
Box 2

“Deutscher Männergesanguerein Tatura”.

Program for performance of “Deutscher Männergesanguerein Tatura”, 28-29 August 1943.

Box 2

“Die Bunte Bühne B-Lager”.

Program for performance of “Die Bunte Bühne B-Lager”. 9 to 12 September 1943.
Box 2

“Die Klosterbrueder Oder die Gestoerte Liebesstunde”.

Program for performance of “Die Klosterbrueder Oder die Gestoerte Liebesstunde”, Tatura Theatre, Tatura Internment Camp, February 1941.
Box 2

“Grosses Orchester Konzert”.

Program for “Grosses Orchester Konzert”, 7 October 1945.
Box 2

“Hau Ruck!”

Program for performance of “Hau Ruck!”, Kleines Theatre, Tatura, 30 October to 3 November 1943.
Box 2

“Internierungslager Tatura”.

Documents relating to Tatura internment camp.
Box 2

“Kameradschaftsabend am 28 Mar 1941”.

Program for “Kameradschaftsabend am 28 Mar 1941”, Tatura Camp, 28 March 1941. Includes lyrics to songs.

Box 2

“Kleine Scala”.

Program for performance of “Kleine Scala”, 18 to 20 June 1943.
Box 2

“Kleine Scala Programm/ Die “Kleine Scala” bietet”.

Program for performance of “Kleine Scala Programm Die “Kleine Scala” bietet”, Tatura, 24-26 September 1943.
Box 2

“Kleines Theater Programm/Der Biberpelz”.

Program for performance of “Kleines Theater Programm/Der Biberpelz”, Tatura, 29 July to 2 August 1943.
Box 2

“Kleines Theater Tatura – Dreary Lane”.

Program for “Kleines Theater Tatura – Dreary Lane”, April 1941.
Box 2

“Konzert des Grossen Orchesters”.

Program for “Konzert des Grossen Orchesters”, 16 December 1945.
Box 2

“Lusstiges (or Lußtiges) Abend”.

Program for “Lußtiges Abend”,
Box 2

“National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations Notice to Person in respect of whom an order is made under Regulation 20”.

Application under Regulation 20 for leave to make an objection.
Box 2

[No Title]

Five patriotic German folk songs/poems.
Box 2

[No Title]

Four patriotic German folk song/poems. Appear to be written at Liverpool internment camp, November 1939.
Box 2

“N.S. Heimalabend”.

Program for performance of “N.S. Heimalabend’, 27 May 1941.
Box 2

“Pension Schöller”.

Program for performance of “Pension Schöller”, Kleines Theatre, Tatura, 25 June to 27 June 1945.
Box 2

“Philharmonisches Orchester”.

Program for performance of “Philharmonisches Orchester”, Large Concert Hall, Dreary Lane, Tatura Interment Camp, 2 June 1941.
Box 2

“Violin Konzert – Juius Ujhelyi”.

Program for “Violin Konzert – Juius Ujhelyi”, 15 August 1945.
Box 2

“Violin Konzert – Juius Ujhelyi”.

Program for “Violin Konzert – Juius Ujhelyi”, 12 September 1945.
Box 2

“Violin Konzert – Juius Ujhelyi”.

Program for “Violin Konzert – Juius Ujhelyi”, 28 November 1945.
Box 2

“Unser Glaube – Unser Sieg!/Es pfeift von allen Dachern/Taturalied!”.

Three patriotic songs in German, one a popular German song.
Box 2


Series 8: Scripts, c.1939 - c.1945

Description: This series contains typescripts of songs, plays and skits. Subseries 1 consists of items that were donated to the producers of concert parties through the courtesy of organisations such as Tivoli Circuit Australia of the Tivoli Theatre in Melbourne. Some copies are incomplete and may consist of opening skits.

Subseries 1: Tivoli Circuit Australia, Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne.

Item number Title/Description Box
8/1/1 "Football Song". Box 2
8/1/2 "Forward March". Oversize
8/1/3 "Law and Order". Box 2
8/1/4 "O Sole Mio". Box 2
8/1/5 "Psychology". Box 2
8/1/6 "Single Act for Compere". Box 2
8/1/7 "Target for Delight" (2 copies). Oversize
8/1/8 "Who goes there?" (3 copies). Box 2

Subseries 2: Miscellaneous

Item number Title/Description Box
8/2/1 "Cinderella". Box 2
8/2/2 "Double exposure" or "It's nice if you can get  it". Box 2
8/2/3 "The Mill girl". Box 2
8/2/4 Songsheet: "Bless 'em all"/"Hardships you bastards"/"Song of the Gremlins". Box 2


Series 9: Performances held after the war, 1946 -

Description: This series contains programs for performances held after the war on troopships and for theatre performances with a war theme.

Subseries 1: Programs

Item number Title/Description  Box 
9/1/1 1st Field Regiment in concert featuring an ANZAC Tribute by the Royal Australian Artillery Band, Brisbane, 25 April 2000. Box 2
9/1/2 “Aussie or Bust”, Held on board H.M.T. “New Australia, 29 October 1957 (2 copies). Box 2
9/1/3 "Battle of Britain Premiere", Capitol Theatre, Canberra, 8 December 1969. Box 2
9/1/4 "The Daily Cinema", magazine featuring a story about the world premiere of the film Lawrence of Arabia, starring Peter O'Toole, 1962. Box 2
9/1/5 "The Dam Busters", souvenir programme, Hoyts Double Bay Theatre, 4 May 1956. Box 2
9/1/6 "Dark Passage" Christmas programme at R.A.A.F. Station, Amberley, 1948. Box 2
9/1/7 Farewell Concert, Peggy Shea, Melbourne, 7 March, 1947. Box 2
9/1/8 “Homeward Bound”, Held on board S.S. New Australia, 14 April 1954. Box 2
9/1/9 "It Happened on Fifth Avenue", invitation for Wing Commander Cresswell. 5 May 1948. Box 2
9/1/10 "Lawrence of Arabia", Program for the Press Preview of the film, 1962. Box 2
9/1/11 "Not about heroes" by Stephen MacDonald, Canberra Theatre Trust, Playhouse, [1984]. Box 2
9/1/12 "Oh what a lovely war", Wyndham's Theatre, London, 1963. Box 2
9/1/13 "The One Day of the Year", Canberra, 30 March - 8 April 1995. Box 2
9/1/14 "Say it with a Song", souvenir programme from Amberley Players, (2 copies). Box 2
9/1/15 "Souvenir Program", Australian Army Pay Corps, Alexandra Gardens, 15 October 1946. Box 2
9/1/16 "Tribute to Weary Dunlop Concert", Melbourne Concert Hall, 31 October 1989. Box 2
9/1/18 "Troppo Troubadours" Concert party, HMAS Kanimbla, 1948. Box 2
9/1/19 “Variety Concert”, Held on board S.S. “New Australia”, 11 September 1955. Box 2


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