70th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping – Records of the official history project

14 September 2017 by Craig Berelle

The Official Records section of the Australian War Memorial holds the archival records of the Peacekeeping Official Histories, and curates these to complement the Memorial’s collection associated with peacekeeping, humanitarian and post- Cold War operations.

The archives were compiled by historians and researchers led by the Official Historian, Professor David Horner. Commencing in 2004, the project was authorised full access to relevant government records by Cabinet. The project also used records donated by Australian service personnel.

The archival records are predominantly in printed paper form. Work continues to stabilise and accession them to RecordSearch, the official records database of the National Archives of Australia.

Records currently available are: UNTAG (Namibia); UNPROFOR (former Yugoslavia); Gulf War 1990-91; UNMCTT (Afghanistan and Pakistan); MINURSO (Western Sahara); UNSCOM (Iraq) & UNIIMOG (Iran, Iraq).  These episodes are recorded in Volumes II & III in the Official Histories.

Restrictions on access apply, and are defined by the Archives Act, 1983. These concern the open access period (at the time of writing, up to 1993) and exempted matter defined by Section 33.

To arrange access, use keyword searching on RecordSearch to determine what records are available. Then, contact the Memorial’s Research Centre and submit a contact enquiry.