Multinational Forces in Iraq - Kuwait 1998 Operation Pollard

Date from 01 January 1998
Date to 31 December 1998
Collection type Conflict
Scope note Strength: Approximately 1,812. Including HMAS Adelaide, Darwin, Success, Westralia and Sydney. Clearance Diving Team 3, Medical teams on board US navy Hospital ships in the area, plus a further composition of 18 ADF personnel who served with US and British Land, Sea and Air forces, and a 10 person Army / RAAF intelligence detachment attached to the HQ US Central Command. Area of Operations (AO): Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Persian Gulf, Kuwait, and Iraq. Purpose: On 29 November 1990 UN Resolution 678 gave Iraq six weeks to withdraw from Kuwait and authorised UN members to "use all necessary means" if Iraq failed to comply. The UN sanctioned operation to liberate Kuwait commenced with air and maritime campaigns in the early morning of 17 January 1991 followed by a massive ground offensive. Comments: Australia with it's pre-positioned Ships operating in the Gulf and Red Sea areas were included into the operation. Further additions of Clearance Diving Teams, Intelligence and Medical and Surgical support were also involved. 18 ADF personnel who were on exchange postings to various British and US units deployed with their foreign unit to the Gulf. Their were a number of foreign medals awarded to personnel who participated in what is known as "Desert Storm". These included the Liberation of Kuwait medal, the Saudi Arabia Gulf War Commemorative Medal, and the US Achievement Medal (JSAM). Although they were awarded to many Australians, the Federal Government has not given approval for them to be worn officially.