On Closer Inspection 360-degree interactive experience

14 November 2018

New interactive digital experience lets users inspect a First World War tank inside and out

Today the Australian War Memorial launched the first in a new series of immersive digital experiences that will allow users to explore the workings of large technology objects in the Memorial’s collection.

To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, a 360-degree interactive video of the Mark IV tank “Grit” is now available online. Grit was manufactured in Britain and came to Australia to help raise funds during the First World War . It is currently on display in Anzac Hall.

Through the use of 360-degree digital video and virtual reality technology, users can view and explore Grit, inside and out. Visitors can click on pop-up icons to see archival photos, watch videos, hear audio recordings, and uncover the stories behind the Mark IV tank – a machine that played an important role in our military history.

Memorial Director Dr Brendan Nelson said the power of these digital experiences is in the stories they enable us to tell.

“Here at the Australian War Memorial, surrounded as we are by artefacts and relics, our responsibility is to tell the stories of the men and women that stand behind the equipment we proudly display,” said Dr Nelson.

“This project ensures Australians in remote parts of the country who can’t physically visit us at the Memorial can now, whether on a portable device or a desktop device, inspect these large technology objects and have a tank brought to life before their very eyes.”

phone image

MK IV tank experience on a smart phone.

The series of immersive digital experiences, called On closer inspection, is being developed by the Australian War Memorial in partnership with Leidos Australia. Two versions have been created to make the experience accessible to as many Australians at possible: one using React 360 VR technology, and one for YouTube 360.

Chief Executive of Leidos Australia Christine Zeitz said the development of digital interactive experiences aligns with the company’s vision.

“This digital project provides another channel where people can access the history and the stories of Australians at war,” said Ms Zeitz.

“Partnering with the Memorial to ensure that our history is shared with everyone, especially younger generations, is something Leidos and I are passionate about.”

Over the next two years the Memorial will deliver four more 360-degree immersive experiences as part of On Closer Inspection:

  • The Avro Lancaster B1 ‘‘G for George” from the Second World War
  • HMAS Sydney (IV), deployed in the First Gulf War
  • A Lockheed Hudson bomber from the Second World War
  • A Bushmaster Australian Army Protected Mobility Vehicle

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On Closer Inspection - Launch Video
On Closer Inspection - MK IV tank