The Craig family

Examine the images below and answer the discussion questions.

A horse in a sling is unloaded from a troop transport, 1915.

  1. Men from the Light Horse were unable to use their horses on Gallipoli. Why do you think this wasn't possible?

George Lambert, The charge of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade at the Nek, 7 August 1915
1924, oil on canvas, 179 x 333.5 x 9.5 cm.

  1. How has this painting depicted the charge of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade at the Nek? What techniques has the artist used to achieve this?

  2. George Lambert finished this painting nine years after the actual battle. Do you think this artwork is a reliable source of information?

Lieutenant Leslie Craig, after surgery and recuperation in England, 1916.

  1. 40 per cent of all Australians who enlisted were wounded during their service. What might life have been like for these soldiers and their families when they returned home?

Leslie and his fiancée, Frances, 1917.

Thousands of women fell in love with Australian soldiers during the First World War. Many, like Frances, eventually married their sweethearts and moved to Australia to begin a new life.

  1. Imagine you were one of these women. Write a postcard home to your family. How do you think you would be feeling? How would you describe your new home?