The Holden family

Examine the images below and answer the discussion questions.

A chaplain writing a field card for a wounded soldier in Salonika.

  1. Chaplains have played an important role in all the wars in which Australia has been involved. How might they have helped troops far from home during the First World War?

Artist unknown, Quick! Give us a hand old sport
Queensland Recruiting Committee 1914-1918, chromolithograph on paper, 100 x 63 cm

  1. What is the purpose of this poster? Who is this poster designed for?

  2. What kinds of techniques have been used to appeal to that audience?

  3. Design your own poster. Who is your audience? What kinds of techniques would be most appropriate?

A letter from Albert to Mrs Boulton

  1. How do you think Mrs Boulton would feel reading this letter?

  2. What do you think she would have written in her reply?

Bob Marchant, 60th anniversary of opening of the Australian War Memorial, Remembrance Day, 2001
2002, oil on canvas, 150 x 250 cm.

  1. Albert writes in his letter to Mrs Boulton that he felt "in no mood to wave flags" when the war finally ended on 11th November 1918. This day has since become an important anniversary for communities across Australia to remember those who were lost. How does your community commemorate Remembrance Day? Who do you remember on this day?