How can my school commemorate?

A teacher laying a wreath on a miniature cenotaph in the grounds of the local state primary school during the ceremony for Anzac Day. 1943.

Commemorating Australia’s wartime service doesn’t just have to happen on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. Your students can do things in their local area and with their local community to recognise and understand the service and sacrifice of these men and women.

Activity inspiration

Visit your local cenotaph or Memorial

Try doing some rubbings of names and investigate their story through the Memorial’s website and local records.

Find out more about local battalions

Use our website to look at unit histories and unit diaries and find out what the units raised in your area did during the First World War.

Make your own Memorial

Use information and stories of local people who served and died to create your own school memorial.

Interview a veteran

Use you local association or RSL to interview a veteran or have them come to your school. Here about their experiences first hand.

Make a wreath

Make a wreath to lay at your local ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day ceremony on behalf of your school.

The book, Their Spirit, Our History, is a great resource to help you do these activities of commemoration.

Make a poppy

Make a poppy to wear on Anzac Day or Remembrance Day.

A red poppy

Younger students?

Classroom resource

Check out A Very Special Day, our dedicated commemoration-themed teacher resource for K-2.