The daughter's father in war

I am a daughter with a father in war.
He walked off;
I waved goodbye.
In the house there was silence.
Everyone was hoping we were going to see him again.

Two weeks later I woke up from the sound of bombs.
"Bang, boom, pow!" said the bombs.
I looked at a picture of my dad - my hope will never fade.

One year later the bombs still yelled at me but I had hope.
Two years later they were laughing and laughing but once again I still had hope.
One year later I woke up to...peace?
Yes, it was peace!
The birds were singing.

One day later, tomorrow, knock-knock on the door.
Could it be?
I opened it and it was Dad with a poppy.
I asked; "what's that?", and he said three things;
"peace, hope and a friend".

By Catherine, Aged 9